Good News To Teachers As Ministry Proposes to Transfer Them To Local Areas 2021.

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There is good news to teachers working away from their homes and others in arid and semi-arid areas, as the ministry of education might transfer them to their rural areas of work.

This is due to the COVID 19 pandemic which has put the education sector standstill, since March 2020. The minister of education Prof George Magogha has hinted on the possible suspension of all boarding schools next to the year 2021.

This means that all students shall attend their rural schools in the country.

Teachers are now likely to benefit much if the ministry of education transfers them into their rural areas of work.

However, the ministry hasn’t said anything concerning the syllabus coverage, as various students from different schools had covered it differently.

It’s still not clear how the reopening of schools might be done the next year 2021. Will the ministry really suspend boarding schools in the country? What about those who had cleared school fees in their respective schools? Will students sit their national exams from day schools in the whole country?

It still remains a puzzle to be interpreted by the minister of education Professor George Magogha.

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