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Good News For Opera Hub Writers As Every Article Now Get Paid


Opera Hub Writers are certainly in for good times going forward in the new year. This is because payment terms for stories published on the opera hub have just been reviewed to accommodate every story with even the most minimal clicks.

You would recall that before now, only stories with as much as 10,000 clicks were eligible for payment. That, however, will no longer be so as the traffic bonus has been reviewed to accommodate even as low as one click.

Under the new fee terms, articles with just one click will get ₦0.036 while 100 clicks get traffic bonus of ₦3.6. Below is the full breakdown of the new traffic bonus:

Opera News Writers Traffic bonus

Creating a post is just the beginning. It’s time to turn your Opera hub News posts into a revenue stream – all in service of getting you paid what you deserve to be paid, for the value you give the world. YESSS!

Please note:

Many factors affect your articles’ revenue on Opera News, including but not limited to the type and quality of your content.

It’s normal to experience earnings fluctuation, and you may check your detailed statistics under the ‘Content Library’ on your Creator’s Studio page.

Traffic bonus will be based on how many clicks one article gets.

Opera News Payment;

For example:

  • If your article is with 1 click, the article will get a traffic bonus KES 0.0095
  • If your article is with 100 clicks, the article will get a traffic bonus KES 0.95
  • If your article is with 1,000 clicks, the article will get a traffic bonus KES 9.47
  • If your article is with 10,000 clicks, the article will get a traffic bonus KES 94.66
  • If your article is with 25,000 clicks, the article will get 2.5 * 360 = KES 236.64

Since the opera news hub is a big platform, it’s relatively easy to get more than 10,000 clicks. You can refer to some real examples of an article with are with more than 10,000 clicks

You can refer to Tips for Getting More Traffic to see the tips for an article to get more clicks

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