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Gladys Wanga Exposed For Mistreating a Poor Sick Widow Over Sh 12,500 Unpaid Loan.

Gladys Wanga

Hon. Gladys Wanga is one fierce female politician giving his male counterpart a run for their money. She has scaled her political career from a student leader in Kenyatta University to the voice of reason in parliament on matters of gender and equality.

She has always fought hard for the vulnerable in the society particularly women and girls, that has at some point put her at loggerheads with other leaders who are intimidated by her ferocious nature. The vocal politician and a staunch ODM supporter has always offered her unwavering support to her party leader Raila Odinga.

She has earned the respect and the admiration from Kenyans who think very highly of her political intellect.

From Left, Raila Odinga Brother, Raila Odinga and Gladys Wanga.

But one citizen took to social media to drag her name in mad for allegedly mistreating a widow over an unpaid debt worth Ksh 12500 which the poor widow owed Gladys Wanga unregistered Sacco. In a Facebook group with over one million members, the young man ranted.

“Gladys Wanga you have blocked me but, but make sure this poor sick widow Mama Leonida gets back her animals which your unregistered Sacco took for auctioning to repay her loan balance of Ksh 12500. Even the devil himself could have extended the repayment period for the lady to fully recover from goiter. Surely where do the lord of poverty get these heartless leaders?” he wrote.

Hon. Gladys Wanga
poor sick widow Mama Leonida

While many shared in the sentiments of the man who exposed the mistreatment of the poor sick widow, others defended her claiming that Gladys Wanga is a good leader, but she is yet to respond to any of the matter.

Tracy Wahu: I feel sorry for her, look at her condition.

Peter Elpho: I hear Wanga is the next governor of Homabay so she get a chance to harass innocent people

Alfred Ouma: Omera we shall not allow you to speak and call our leaders names. I personally feel sorry for the woman. Go to Kamariny stadium with that husband of yours

Bencom: Sad I even thought its Ksh 125K shame on the ones who did it.

Terry Njeri: At this moment most loans have been stopped for three months.

Koome Alfie: I wont judge but I will not comment on loan part but may God see her through to heal . I know what a goiter is, it heals of operation is gone.

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