Why Gideon Moi Shouldn’t be Elected even Baringo- Marigat Ward MCA (let alone President) in 2022.

Gideon Moi

When you Google about “Gideon Moi Achievements”, all that comes up is that the 58-year old is “the youngest son of Kenya’s second president.” The only other notable feat is that Gideon Moi has played polo for the Gilgil-based Manyatta club. Rather disappointing for a man who “had it all” to achieve more if only he could get himself to try harder.

No question, Gideon Moi is a failure compared to his father Daniel Arap Moi, or Deputy President William Ruto. At 58, Mzee Moi had been MP for 27 years from 1955, Cabinet Minister for 21 years from 1961, Vice President for 11 years, President of Kenya for 4 years, Chairperson of OAU for 1 year, and had won Silver World Award in 1981.

At 54, William Ruto has been MP for 15 years, Cabinet Minister for 5 years, Deputy President for 8 years and studied in public schools all the way to attain a PhD. In 58 years, all Gideon Moi has managed to achieve is the position of his father’s favourite son being the last born and to qualify for the prize of the worst performing MP in Kenya’s history.

Daniel Moi owed it all to his hard work which is only matched by the unyielding grit of DP Ruto. Gideon Moi is the complete opposite of both Mzee Moi and DP Ruto. Where these two rose from the bottom to achieve the impossible by sheer hard work, laziness has not let Gideon Moi do much for himself and others even after starting at the top.

Gideon Moi’s parliamentary record is proof enough that he is the laziest politician in Kenya. In the 4,745 days (13 years) Gideon Moi has been an MP since 2002, he has made only 243 appearances, sponsored not a single Bill and done nothing using his legislative position to address Baringo’s perennial problems like insecurity and drought.

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To put into perspective what a poor performing MP Gideon Moi is, you need only to compare him with his colleagues. For instance, Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka who has been in Senate for 3 years only, 10 years less than Gideon Moi, has already made 388 appearances, 145 more appearances than Gideon Moi!

Senator Moses Kajwang, once Committee Chairperson like Gideon Moi, has in half the time (6 and half years) Gideon Moi has been Parliament made 1457 appearances since 2014. Senator Kipchumba Murkomen in his 8 years in the Senate with Gideon Moi has made 7058 parliamentary appearances, 29 times more than Gideon in 13 years.

At the same time, Murkomen successfully sponsored 3 Bills into enactment as law as Gideon Moi did nothing noteworthy in a decade and half. Indeed, comparing Gideon Moi’s performance as Senator with that of Senator Murkomen leaves you with the feeling that Baringo Residents are underrepresented in the Senate.

But now, it is Senator Gideon Moi who feels his surname entitles him to be the 5th President of Kenya rather than Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who in his humility still thinks it is a privilege to serve Kenyans even in a lesser capacity. What makes Gideon Moi think acquiring a “Moi” name is all he needs to have done to be made President?

What can Gideon Moi do for Kenya that he couldn’t do as the “unopposed” Baringo Central MP for 5 years (2002-2007), KANU Chairman for a decade, and Baringo Senator for 2 terms? If Gideon Moi could not impact the lives of the 666,763 Baringo County Residents for 13 years, what can he do for 50 Million Kenyans in 10 years?

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Honestly, given Gideon Moi’s poor track record, is there a Board of a listed or blue chip company in Kenya which would even consider hiring him as Chief Executive Officer? And if Gideon Moi doesn’t qualify to be CEO of his own company Standard Group, what makes him qualified to be the CEO of Kenya?

Kenya is in a mess because we elect leaders who have no merit like Gideon Moi. In all fairness, if one is to objectively weigh Gideon Moi on performance and service delivery, he does not merit to seek to be re-elected by Baringo residents even as MCA in 2022, let alone President of Kenya.

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