The actress who went Completely Naked in front of His son to Celebrate his Birthday got Dressed up by Twitter users (photos)

Ghanaian actress

Ghanaian actress who went naked in front of his son to celebrate his birthday got dressed up

The photos that have surfaced the social media showing Ghanaian actress Apoloo and his son completely naked, the picture sparked a lot of controversies on social media as people begin to wonder why will a woman go completely naked in front of his tender son.

According to the report, the Ghanaian actress Apoloo and his son went completely naked in celebration of his son’s birthday and she posted it on hia Instagram page.

The people that saw the photos believed what she did was wrong and it is against moral for a mother to be completely naked in front of her son and it is also an act of child abuse.

Because the photos was so disgusting to behold, some Twitter user decided to edit the picture by wearing the Ghanaian actress Apoloo and his son attire to cover their nakedness and they advise her that when next she want to celebrate her son birthday she should never go naked but put dress which make her more Decent.

Ghanaian actress

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