Gem Residents Receive Donations From The Legislator – Honourable Elisha Odhiambo.

Gem Residents Receive Donations From The Legislator - Honourable Elisha Odhiambo. 1

Gem Constituents are benefiting from their legislator.

The residents of Gem Constituency cannot hide their smiles after the area Member of Parliament Hon. Elisha Odhiambo through his task force visited them with massive donations.

The MP said on his statement that the donations have just been completed in Yala Township ward and East Gem Ward so far and that the phase expected within the week will cover Central Gem Ward.

Among the donations are foodstuffs, face masks and soap intended to cushion the residents from the effects of Covid 19 pandemic. The legislator has received lots of commendations from his philanthropic deeds to his constituents during this very difficult moment.

Joseph Otieno, a resident of East Gem ward and also a beneficiary of the donations that were given out today says that he has known the legislator as a good servant for the past ten years.

“He has always been here for us, in times of needs. Personally I’ve known Akuba (Hon. Elisha) since the year 2010. His selflessness did not start yesterday. Thank you for considering us mheshimiwa,” Mr Joseph said.

Elisha Odhiambo has lately been in the frontline of National politics. Early this week, he urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to reconstitute the cabinet in a bid to incorporate the opposition and technocrats as the country prepares herself for economic recovery post Covid-19.

Gem constituency is made up of Six wards, which Elisha says will each get their shares of the donations.

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“We finished the distribution of food in East Gem Ward today. We have included face masks in the distribution package after realizing that most people still lack these very essential equipment. The next phase is Central Gem Ward. Stay Safe,” Elisha said.

This comes amidst the Covid 19 pandemic across the World.

Honourable Elisha Odhiambo
Donations to East Gem residents

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