Starting Gas Cylinder Business In Kenya

Gas Cylinder Business

Gas cylinder business is booming in Kenya, it’s emerged one of the most profitable business ventures.

This business is thriving in major towns as many Kenyans resort to using gas cookers to stoves and firewood. And since cooking using electricity is expensive, Kenyans find refuge in using gas as it saves time and money.

To begin with, my investigations reveal that business persons are making a kill out of this Gas Cylinder Business and are not ready to reveal to other people what the business entails.

In Nairobi, most retailers I interviewed revealed they make Ksh 3,000-Ksh7,000 per day from selling the gas cylinders to residents. These profits are realized by people who have set up their Gas Cylinder Business in Rongai, Embakasi, Thika Road Estates, Kawangware, Donholm, and the environs. These are the most populous Estates.

A single 6kg gas cylinder goes for Ksh 2, 000, this is the price the retailer gets with. He then sells it for Ksh 3,000. This same gas when it’s filled costs Ksh 850-Ksh1,000, this is when a customer comes with his/her own cylinder. Filling a 6kg gas cylinder costs less than Ksh 500. It means a retailer makes at least Ksh 300 from selling a single filled gas cylinder.

In a single day,if a retailer sells 10 empty gas cylinder,he will make a cool Ksh 10,000. If it’s 13kg cylinders, he will make Ksh15,000.

Now, the problem with this is that many hungry Kenyans have realized this business is lucrative. They have decided to break into people’s homes to steal the cylinders.

You will find a home breaker is only interested in a gas cylinder, laptop, and TV flat screen, they know these items move as fast as they arrive at the market. Such cases are rampant in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Naivasha where the business is booming.

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