What Is The Future Of Kenyans Entrepreneurs In This Covid-19 Pandemic Look Like?

Kenyan Entrepreneurs
Muranga, Kenya — April 13, 2017: Peter Muturi inside his Naaro Farm Shop franchise.

Covid-19 has become a nightmare for everyone everywhere, with everything crippling be it the education sector, all the way to entrepreneurship.

Businesses in Kenya are facing their worst form of business cycle many of them facing the exit stage due to the huge gap between expenditures and returns, expenses gauging on a very high scale.

A close look into some specific business like the hotels and restaurants, tourism sector, and more so the education sector all these have faced their worst state since clients have opted to remain indoors in the shield against the virus.

This is a global pandemic since international flights have all been canceled hence bringing a great disaster for Kenya. Investors have no chance to pave their way into the country and exploit the great potential bestowed in our nation.

Entrepreneurs in Kenya have made use of the term “creativity” in the midst of this pandemic. The crippling of some sectors does not mean that people will remain idle and do nothing with what is left of them.

Kenyans have improvised their capabilities and as a result, they have come up with a means of survival. This is the future of entrepreneurs in Kenya. Survival for the fittest.

Along the streets and market places of cities and almost everywhere you will find people selling sanitizers, face masks, and hand gloves with the aim of making a living.

Most of the dilapidated factories have been revived and made centers for producing the hand sanitizers and also the production of face masks.

This is a very great deal for the Kenyan citizens who have benefited from the locally produced masks and sanitizers. If this form of creativity continues like this for long then we will see our country progress greatly.

For those who have lost their jobs, it is not in the best interest of companies to lay off their work force. This will come to an end and we will soon resume our normal duties so that our families may benefit at last.

In the meantime, we can equip ourselves with some activities which will at least lay food on the table for our families. That is the future of entrepreneurship.

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