Frustration Looms ODM Party As Governor Obado’s Survival News Exposed.

Frustration Looms ODM Party

The Orange Democratic Movement officials are expected to rock Migori county today to accelerate and mobilize MCAs efforts to ouster Governor Zackari Okoth Obado who is battling with a corruption scandal and Murder charges at once.

This comes days after the dreams to impeach the governor were frustrated last week, when the motion was stopped due to unavoidable circumstances.

From the beginning, the ODM Party has been sponsoring the Okoth’s ouster, something that has left Kenyans Months wide open because it’s the ODM Party that saved Governor Anne Waiguru who faced similar charges as Obado.

According to the Kenyan constitution, any impeachment motion against the Governor is supposed to be sponsored by the Members of the County Assembly, as it had been in the past for Governors such as Ferdinand Waititu of Kiambu and Waiguru of Kirinyaga.

All the same, the ODM Party has faced another stumbling block in Governor Obado’s impeachment motion after the Daily News media reported that it is very likely that the Party’s decision may be frustrated at the end. Why? Obado needs to mobilize only 18 MCAs and the Game will be over. Also, it allegedly reported that the Migori County Speaker is in the Process of Saving Okoth.

“Some political observers read delay tactics in the intrigues around the motion, with claims that the Speaker as part of a well-knit scheme to save Mr. Obado. There are fears that a parallel motion has been drafted to cause confusion at the assembly and scuttle the original plan.

“Should that be the case, the impeachment motion would fall flat on its face, and would only be brought back to the House after six months, giving Governor Obado’s team ample time to regroup and scuttle the attempt altogether. The Speaker denies the claims,” Daily Newspaper reported.

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Do you support the ODM Party’s decision to ouster Governor Obado?

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