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Fred Obachi Machoka Biography

Fred Obachi Machoka

Fred Obachi Machoka is one of the most celebrated Radios and tv personalities in Kenya. He is a veteran journalist with experience of over 30 years in the media industry.

He currently hosts Roga Roga shows which run on citizen Radio and citizen tv every Saturday morning and afternoon. 

The year was 1975. A youthful Fred was serving in the Northern Frontier as a General Service Unit (GSU) soldier and loved listening to the radio. It was while listening to the radio at one time that he heard of a competition branded “SANYO Juu SANYO talks” and decided to try his luck.

Although he was still serving in the forces as a signal controller, Obachi was open to new opportunities. Though he accepted the offer, he wasn’t sure how he would juggle being both a broadcaster and a soldier.

At the time, the Sanyo brand of electronics was not doing too well in the market and Obachi was assigned to help popularise it through a five-minute pre-recorded advertisement, which aired on the then Voice of Kenya (VOK) radio, now Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

So successful was the campaign that in three years, SANYO electronics had become the top electronic brand in the Kenyan market.

GSU Resignation

A year later, Obachi resigned from the forces to take on a full-time broadcasting job. In addition, the Northern frontier was an extremely harsh working environment and it was also traumatic to lose friends and colleagues daily as this was the time of the Shifta war,” he explains of his exit from the forces.

“ Having worked in the forces for 4 years, I felt I had served my time. In addition, the Northern Frontier was an extremely harsh environment and it was also traumatic to lose friends and colleagues daily as this was the time of the Shifra war,” Obachi explained.

Fred Obachi Machoka Career

Despite broadcasting being a new field for Obachi, he took to it like a duck to water. So what was his secret to a seemingly smooth transition? “I got a really good induction by the former host of the program, the late Said Amarika Sonko.

He was very patient with me and helped me find my way in radio broadcasting. I also recognized my inexperience and went back to college to study public relations and advertising,” he explains.

Fred Obachi machoka carved his niche in commercial broadcasting where he would come up with concepts geared towards promoting products or services on radio and then get sponsors. “Unlike the popular belief that I was employed at the KBC, the truth is, I never did. However, a lot of the radio shows I hosted aired on KBC hence the misconception. Some of the most popular shows I broadcasted included: 

Sportsman Ni Sawa Hasa; Ugua Pole Na Lucozade; Senge’nge Ni Ngombe; Mchanganyiko Maalum Na Bitcham, among many others.

My hands were so full, as I had more than 20 radio shows on KBC radio sponsored by different companies, most of which are still remembered by many Kenyans,” says the man who seems to have a Midas touch.

Having done many shows and worked with several advertisers, Obachi wanted a larger part of the pie. He, therefore, began his outfit in 1988, FM 35 (Fred Machoka at 35), where he continued with commercial broadcasting.

It helped that two main clients he had worked with before were so loyal to him that they moved with him to his company, enabling him to get the boost he needed to get started.

Fred Obachi Machoka Wife

In today’s world, marriages are synonymous with divorce, especially among couples in the public eye. Not Fred Obachi’s marriage. The veteran journalist has been married to Sophie for four decades.

Fred Obachi Machoka Children

They have 4 grown-up kids and two grandchildren as of the year 2017. In an interview, he revealed that in marriage people have to work at making it successful. At first, Sophie hated the fame but learned to live with it as time went by.

“For instance, there will be times when my wife and I are out on a date and our peace is disrupted by enthusiastic fans demanding my attention. This really bothered her in her younger days but now she is okay with it,” explained Fred.

Ranch In Kajiado

Fred Obachi mentors young people in the industry but also has a ranch in Kajiado. It specializes in barbecue cuisine and a host of activities, such as horse riding, quad biking, farm tours, picnics, and a children’s playground.

The general manager of the business is his son, Victor Machoka, nicknamed sheriff because of his dressing style.

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