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Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia is regarded in legal circles as the guru of judicial review cases. In a span of over three decades in his legal practiceFred Ngatia has never lost a case in any court of law in Kenya and was named Kenya’s top lawyer in 2011.  The Lawyer Cum Advocate has also been a general Police Inspector in Kenya in the Past. He is a highly charged litigator in Kenya.

Advocate Fred Ngatia is the most famous Council Lawyer cum Advocate and Senior Criminal Equity lawyer. He is most popular as a senior guide and furthermore in lawful circles as the master of legal survey cases.

He was awarded Kenya’s top attorney in 2011 due to his excellent performance in the legal field. He is also a former member of the police service, having served as the General Police Inspector.

In this article, we shall examine his biography, highlighting his career and educational background.

Fred Ngatia Age

Fred was born on June 14, 1971, and is now fifty years old.

Educational Background

Fred is an alumnus of the University of Nairobi where he studied Law. He graduated with Honors from the university in 1979. Fred handles cases in commercial and public interest categories. He represents governments, top political leaders, and top corporate entities.

Among his successful high-profile cases, Fred has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta in more than two cases in the position of a senior lawyer. He was the lead Counsel for President Ruto during the 2022 Presidential election petition court case

Fred Ngatia Career

Fred handles cases in the public interest and commercial areas. He speaks for governments, influential political figures, and powerful businesses. Notably, he successfully kept the late Hon. George Saitoti out of problematic waters in his case despite being accused of being involved in the Goldenberg incident.

He successfully defended the Kenya Airports Authority in a significant dispute involving businessman Kamlesh Pattni and was awarded Kshs. 394 million.


As a senior attorney, Fred has successfully defended President Uhuru Kenyatta in more than two high-profile trials. He is a well-known high-charging litigator in Kenya and is out of most Kenyans’ price range.

His track record of effectively winning lawsuits and obtaining the required results for his clients raises his profile. There is no doubt that being the president’s representative in numerous circumstances requires a high achiever who is intelligent, capable, and trustworthy.

Personal Life

He maintains his personal affairs a secret. The details about his wife, kids, and parents are not yet available to the general public. Given that his income is made public and that some people have complained about the exorbitant prices imposed, this secrecy is appropriate.

How much does Fred Ngatia make per case?

Kenya Airports Authority Case

The lawyer demanded from the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) kes290 million-part of kes384 million-for defending the authority against billionaire businessman Kamlesh Pattni and his company World Duty-Free. Defending the astronomical fees, Ngatia said the money was to be shared by the other lawyers KAA had hired for the case.

Presidential Petition (2013, 2017)

While Ngatia has appeared in other high-profile cases, no case sparks interest among Kenyans like the presidential petition. He successfully defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s disputed win in a petition filed by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) in 2013.

According to reports appearing on online news outlet, Uhuru lawyers pocketed kes300 million. Fred Ngatia being the senior lawyer obviously received a larger pie of the pay.

Presidential Petition 2017

This was a blot in Ngatia’s illustrious career after the Supreme Court annulled Uhuru’s win. Chief Justice David Maraga declared the 8 August polls “invalid, null and void” and ordered a fresh election within 60 days.


The opposition coalition lawyers had done a pretty good job to outsmart Ngatia’s team. They redeemed themselves after successfully dismantling a petition by activists Njonjo Mue and Khelef Khalifa and a separate one by former Kilome MP Harun Mwau-challenging Kenyatta’s re-election in the repeat poll. Going by precedent, Ngatia and his team made more than 300 million.

Fred Ngatia Net Worth

Upper Hill Chambers

He is arguably one of the wealthiest lawyers in Kenya, although he lacks the flamboyance and show-off attributed. Blogger Robert Alai claimed in a tweet that the Upper Hill building is owned by lawyer Fred Ngatia. According to, the building has 3 basements and 28 floors.

Fred receives hundreds of millions of dollars from state corporations and famous people for each case he manages. He gives his litigation skills to those who can afford them through his private practice, Ngatia & Associates Advocates.

Fred Ngatia is estimated to be worth 901 million shillings by 2023

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