Former Interior CS Matiang’i New Job Since Leaving Ruto’s Government

Though his last assignment in the former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee government was when he served as Interior Cabinet Secretary, but it was in the Ministry of Education that Dr Matiang’i left an enduring legacy.

Lauded for fixing what appeared to be a broken education system where examination irregularities and a cycle of cheating had become an order of the day, Dr Matiang’i swiftly fixed the mess that was Kenya’s education system.

Before that, Dr Matiang’i had left another indelible mark in the ICT ministry. It was during his reign as CS that the country experienced digital migration.

But for all his genuine achievements for the ten years that he served in the cabinet, Dr Matiang’i had also stepped on the wrong feet. It is no surprising that he became a marked man in the run up to the 2022 general election.

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Accused by the Kenya Kwanza camp of misusing his powers, Dr Matiang’i would be kicked out by President William Ruto when he unveiled his cabinet.

The “Super CS” as he was popularly known to most of his supporters, had found himself in the cold having run the show in the Uhuru adminstration for one full decade.

And now, as reality hits, the former internal security minister has been forced to go back to his former job before he joined Government in 2013.

Dr Matiang’i is now back to teaching where he works as a lecturer for the State University of New York in the USA. This was revealed by a recent report by one of the local dailies.

The former CS is stationed in Kenya but sometimes travels to New York when necessary.

This is what keeps him going. But with only four years to the 2027 general election, will he make a gamble and try his luck in politics?

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