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Former Meru County Employee Narrates the Unfairness He Experienced from Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi


In his Facebook post, a former Meru county employee expressed a lot of disappointment from the Current Meru County Chief of staff Gideon Kimathi.

The former county employee Mr. Muchenason under the leadership of former Meru Governor Current Agriculture CS Peter Munya stated:-

ITUMBI might be feeling what I felt in Jan 2018 when Kiraitu’s Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi being the only “saying person” instructed the then-acting Chief Officer.

Madam Gladys Ngari to strike me out of the county government payroll and withhold the January Salary since I was unwanted by the governor in the fire breathing regime.

The only difference between me and Itumbi is that I had just completed my undergraduate studies, secured a job, and was beginning my career while Itumbi has some pedestal having served for 7 years as a PSCU director and a rouble who can “Milk” influential politicians public figures

Having not received my dues and unaware, I went to the HR department who referred me to the Acting CO where I went so many times for inquiry.

She severally played some tricks telling me to wait at the couch as she calls Kimathi (which actually she never did) only to tell me that she has a meeting with him and would consult on why I wasn’t paid.

When I realized it’s revolving around Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi all the time I decided to visit his office personally l and was ushered in by a lady called Jane. At the time Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi was feared more than even Corona Virus.

As I got in Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi is his usual “meek and holy” nature welcomed me, sat, and raised my issue as I explained. Obviously, he pretended not aware as he promised to talk to the Ag chief officer.

As I left the office he started picking his diary and I could see that he is pretending to do something. I left waiting to make follow on a coming day.

As they say… Nkea îtî marûrû, i meetho ïtuneacia..The following day, I went to the Ag. Chief Officer at around noon who kept me at the bench for one hour.

Later on, when I got in she narrated to me the whole issue of how Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi called her instructed her not to even allow me in her office and that I should clear and go.

I must admit that the lady understood me and was much willing to help me only that in her words, she had “tied hands”. I later went to Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi’s office to remind him😂😂 and was ushered in by Jane.

Immediately I got in and locked the door Kimathi asked me “Kwa nini umekuja tena wewe,Tulisema nini Jana??.Ngoja huko nje”.. Of course with a high tone. Before I would even respond he said “Wewe huwezi kaa hapa tena when Kiraitu is the governor… Get out of my office now” …(As he rose from his chair and proceeded to open the door for me to get out)

As I got out I told Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi in Kimeru “It’s OK, I have no problem, I just came to follow up on my issue as directed by the CO”.
Having read his mode I told him “You will never be a chief of staff forever. It’s for a short while. One day I will also be a chief of staff or even better things”.

It’s good to note that days after assuming office several officers said to be from the Nyambene region led by James Mutia who had preceded Chief of Staff Gideon Kimathi as Acting Chief of Staff had been sent on compulsory leave after which they were sacked.

Mutia, who was earlier hired as a Subcounty Administrator was sacked. then I followed, Then Engineer Muroki Kaulani who was the County Mechanical Officer, and later others sacked or rendered redundant with a crime of serving of originating from the north and serving the outgoing regime.

A process was also commissioned where Delloite was contracted at a cost of 20 Million to do a Human Resource audit that found 1073 ghost workers, sijui 80% have no degrees,70% are old.

To date, not a single leaflet has ever been seen by anyone from the report-finding facade the media was treated to.

As I got out I went to tell the lady thank you but because of fear, she pretended like she doesn’t know me or wasn’t even there when I got in which I understood bearing on the circumstance in the government then.

I went straight to my house in Makutano-Meru where I hadn’t even paid rent for that month. When I got in I called my beloved dad to tell him what happened but unfortunately, he wasn’t on. I came to learn that there was a cattle rustling in his area of the admin and he had accompanied the security team to help repulse.

I didn’t even bother to call my girlfriend who was a student in one of the universities on the outskirts of town then because she had a lot of students I issues that never gave me peace of mind.

In fact, she had blocked my contact when I even needed her most due to some health complications that I was grappling with as I struggled with this. All in all, I have no grudges with her. In fact, I respect her a lot and my wife knows it.

The next person I texted is My Mentor who was also recovering from the rigging and on seeing the text he Immediately called me. We spoke for about 5 Minutes as I updated him on my progress and other things.

As he fondly calls me by my dad’s name he told me ” Ûkanoa Muchena,ûtî bûtîthiraa. Nî iita rîkai mantû yachokanîre” amid tears flowing on my cheeks. MWANAUME 😂😂. He would later MPESA me KSH 10,000 and kept checking on each other after.

Later On, after about 8 months hustling with my BeD Arts in one of the Teacher training colleges in Muranga County, I received a call from one of my brothers I respect a lot with an offer at the HQ courtesy of Yours truly.

I had an amazing opportunity and exposure serving Kenyans of all walks of life including senior-most government officers at the HQ. A lifelong memorable experience after which GOD BECAME EVEN MORE BOUNTIFULLY FAITHFUL.

I will forever remain grateful to my Mentor and the team of dedicated gentlemen I am bound to with love.

To date, I may not even admire working in a county government in the near future unless in exceptional cases on offer.

I am Okay, happy at peace, and paying all my bills. I also swore that wherever God will place me in my career life I will be like my mentor.

I will never mistreat or punish anybody to the extent of denying them the source of livelihood because of exercising their democracy. I also forgave but I will never forget

Lessons he learnt…

1.Everything that happens in life God has a purpose. He may close a window and open a door. God may close a door and Open a Gate for you.

2. Never celebrate people’s misfortunes.

3. Never take anything so seriously. Everything we do in this world is for a short while.

4. This World has honest friends, I mean honest friends. If you’ve got them, be loyal, check on them, Stick by them in the valley and rifts.

5. When you fall, rise up, dust, and move on very first

6. Vengeance is for God. He will do it as you watch. You will never leave the world without witnessing it.

7. Politics is a very risky but lucrative venture. Invest wisely more so in friendship, loyalty, and not necessarily money. Money is an important engine though.

8. Dunia ni Mviringo(Circle)

How many people went under the same mistreatment simply because they don’t dance to the current regime tune?

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