Former Kiambu Governor Kabogo Schools Orengo on Live TV For Claiming that Waiguru’s Head is Wanted by ‘Some People’


The unprecedented impeachment of Kirinyaga’s governor Ann Waiguru has raised a new political turmoil in the country as the battle against corruption appears to be blurred by political supremacy.

About one and a half weeks ago, Kirinyaga MCAs voted to send Waiguru packing as they accused her of misappropriation taxpayers money, anomalous issuance of tenders, gross misconduct among other accusations.

The governor however protested against the impeachment in the High court citing it to be against the court order which had barred the MCAs from getting involved in such a motion.

Waiguru’s efforts to save her dear life proved futile after Justice Weldon Korir failed to overturn the impeachment thus allowing the motion to move the senate.

As the senators voted to determine whether Waiguru’s case will be evaluated by a select committee or a plenary about 5 days ago,, the voting pattern pained a clear picture that it was a matter of political supremacy.

Most of the senators allied to Deputy President William Ruto wanted the case to go through a plenary while those belonging to president Uhuru and Raila’s camp preferred a select committee.

A close ally of Odinga, Siaya Senator James Orengo defended the position of his camp saying that Waiguru’s removal was malicious. The senate minority leader asserted that he had evidence about the people who wanted Waiguru’s head adding that her impeachment was not for the best interest of Kirinyaga people.

Orengo’s words seem not to have augured well with former Kiambu governor William Kabogo. Appearing at Inooro TV on the Kiririmbi political show on Sunday evening, Kabogo termed Orengo’s words as irrelevant adding that all that Kenyans wanted to know is whether Waiguru misappropriated the money belonging to Kirinyaga people or not.

Kabogo further acknowledged that politics had complicated the war against corruption. According to the former governor, any accused person is obliged to present all the receipts and should be sent home immediately in case there is enough evidence against them instead of forming committees to investigate them.

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James Orengo and Kabogo

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