It’s The First Time Kenyan Referees Are Receiving Free Training – Makau

It's The First Time Kenyan Referees Are Receiving Free Training - Makau 1

Kenya’s reserve of qualified referees has expanded in recent years following the introduction of free courses by the Football Kenya Federation, a veteran match official has said.

FKF Southern Branch Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Referees Commitee Mr. Antony Makau says he’s impressed that adequate measures have been put in place to train local referees without charging them.

“I would like to appreciate FKF President Nick Mwendwa and the current Federation for really supporting the referees in the country,” said Antony Makau.

The current Federation moved to waive the kshs 3000 fee charge on Physical Endurance Tests(PET) that has allowed more referees to take part in the exercise.

In a move aimed at not only keeping the match officials continuously abreast with the Laws of the Game but also ascertaining their physical preparedness to officiate both league and international matches the Federation has religiously conducted quarterly PET’s and referee training.

The Federation also conducted a five day FIFA Member Association (MA) referees course to ensure that refereeing standards continue to improve and the Laws of the Game are applied in the same way everywhere.

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