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Kenya’s First Ladies Which POWER and MONEY Meant Nothing

Kenya's First Ladies Which POWER and MONEY Meant Nothing

The predicament of Lilian Ng’ang’a who peacefully walked out of a ‘blossoming’ marriage(in the eyes of the public) with a powerful politician in the process of losing the trappings of power, has resuscitated a decades-long history of how the late president Daniel Moi’s wife Mama Lenah Moi went through the same pain of a broken married at the peak of her husband’s political career.

Just like Lilian Ng’ang’a, Lena Tungo Moi strode Kenya’s political scene with her visibility as the vice-president’s wife, then in the middle of the 1970s, she faded away from the public arena never to be heard of again until her death in 2004.

The collapse of her marriage in 1974 and divorce in 1979 was a bitter blow to the country and people who looked up to Moi. It caused a lot of disquiet across the political divide, the same way Dr. Mutua’s divorce sent shockwaves across the country.

Kenya's First Ladies Which POWER and MONEY Meant Nothing

However, in the case of Moi, his biographer, Andrew Morton blamed politics for the cracks of his marriage. On the other hand, the reasons behind the crumbling of Mutua’s Marriage remain a top-secret between him and Lilian Ng’ang’a.

What would make such women walk out of their marriages to perceived men of substance in society is what still baffles many.

When Lilian was still the first lady, she accumulated so much power that even senior county government officers trembled when they sniffed her designer perfume in the air, she rolled in fuel guzzlers, her face hidden behind expensive designer goggles and with a band of armed men in tow and chase cars blaring horns.

Lillian’s convoy in Machakos town and its environs left locals awestruck only for her to appear today on her ex-husband’s birthday as a friend.

Kenya's First Ladies Which POWER and MONEY Meant Nothing

Lillian was typically visible across the county, in the process creating an aura of power, authority, and influence. That, coupled with her flashy lifestyle, sense of fashion, and bewitching looks.

But all in all, Mutua’s power, money, and charming looks could not keep her more, just like Lena Tungo Moi who walked out when Moi was already a powerful politician.

Without a doubt, there are points that a lady cannot be tamed by earthly possessions and will walk into oblivion in search of love or solitude.

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