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Finally Revealed: Why We Could Not Keep Mwangi Kiunjuri. Uhuru Kenyatta.


The sacking of Cs Kiunjuri is more political than competence-based. I am not here to justify what Uhuru did or defend this. It had not caught anyone by surprise, not even Kiunjuri himself. Since the day Kiunjuri was not to be a puppet of the dynasty and publicly supported the unwanted; that is when he started digging his own grave.

In Kenya, what matters is who you know not what you know. We are living in a Nation of double standards, a country where you must sing and dance to dynasty tune. Look, less than a week ago, C’s Matiang’ i followed the western leaders to drum the support for the BBI and Uhuru knew, while, our people were being massacred by Al-Shabab, this goes against the constitutional oath of office he took.

First BBI meeting in Kisii

Just because he supports dynasty, he is safe, just because he’s a puppet of the dynasty he can incite Gusii community against Ruto, he has the guys to bad-mouth the Deputy President of the country. They make selective arrests based on nothing but hatred for one DP and his supporters. Moses Kuria was the latest one.

All because of their political affiliations. Some say Kiunjuri is incompetent, how do you justify that, how do you operate smoothly in a ministry that we surrounded by Cartels? You may brand me a bigot, but who controls the dairy industry, WHO determines the regulations and prices if milk in Kenya??

The other day they were telling us” not to sell milk to our neighbors, cheek, are we so robotic, Naay!! I am sure Kiunjuri is more relieved than ever, now he can support who he chooses freely. Uhuru has done a favor to Kiunjuri rather than harm…For him, it’s all systems go.

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