How To File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

It’s very funny that people with TSC P9 Form still queue at KRA offices at the last minute to file returns yet they can do it themselves. You need to file your tax returns every year before 30th June to avoid a penalty of Ksh 2,000 for late filing.

This implies to individuals who are 18 years and above and have obtained a KRA pin number. In case you don‘t have a KRA pin, let me show you how to register for a KRA pin on the itax portal.

If you have one then LET skip that… If you are employed you need to file returns using a TSC P9 form .

On the flip side, you still need to file nil returns to let KRA know you have no source of income if you are not employed or you are a student.

So in this comprehensive guide am gonna show you how to file KRA income tax returns using the KRA P9 form.

What is a P9 form and Where can I get and download the KRA P9 form?

The KRA P9 form is not rocket science but rather a document that contains a summary of how much an employee earned and how much tax has been deducted from those earnings by the employer.

For example teachers all over the country working under TSC are deducted monthly by TSC who is their employer and the amount remitted directly to KRA.

Whichever sector your working whether it’s banking, teaching or you are a civil servant, your employer is required to provide you with a P9 form which will assist you during filing of tax returns.

Public servants can also use the GHRIS Portal to download the KRA P9 form.

A P9 form document may include the following: basic salary, gross salary, PAYE deducted, allowances and benefits, pension contribution, Pin of the employer, Name of employer, and personal relief.

For instance, teachers can get the TSC P9 form online by visiting the TSC payslip online portal. Simply visit T-pay then log in using your TSC Number and Password. Click on P9(s) to access your P9 form. Finally, print/download your P9 form.

It‘s really hard to file returns without the p9 form.

Requirements for filing KRA tax returns for employed

  • KRA pin number
  • KRA password
  • KRA P9 form

So without further ado, let start this off by looking at how to file returns using the TSC P9 form.

Sit back, get cozy, and grab a cup of tea as we reveal everything we have learned for the past 6 years to help you file your returns like a pro. This guide will take 5-10 minutes.

For the purpose of this article we will use the TSC P9 form below to file our KRA returns.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

How to file returns using TSC P9 form step by step

Step 1: Log in to the KRA iTax portal using your KRA pin and Password.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

 Step 2: Once you have logged in successfully, click on returns. A drop down menu will appear then click file return.

Step 3: Under Tax obligation, select Income Tax – Resident Individual. The rest of the fields are filled for you. After your done click next.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

Step 4: Download the Income Tax – Resident Individual form(Excel)

Step 5: Unzip and open the IT1_Individual_Resident_Return_XLS (Excel sheet)

Step 6: Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

Step 7: Basic information. Enter your KRA pin number and select the type of return as Original. Return period is from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020. Leave the other fields and click next.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

Step 8: Section F: Details of employment income.In this section fill in the pin of the employer (P051098084N), Name of Employer(Teachers service commission), and the Gross pay(416740). Don‘t bother about the other fields. Then click next.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

Step 9: Section M: Details of PAYE deducted at source from salary. In this section. Fill in the pin and name of the employer, Taxable salary(416740), and lastly the amount of tax deducted PAYE(44888.35). Once your done click next.

Step 10: Section Q: Details of income Tax paid in advance. Fill this section if their is any income you got in advance.

Step 11 : section T : Tax Computation. Enter your pension and personal relief contribution amount. Then click the validate button. In this case we only have a personal relief of ksh 16,896 to declare.

File Returns Using The TSC P9 Form

Please note that a negative value means KRA owes you while a positive value means you owe KRA. But you can end up getting a zero value meaning no one owes anyone anything.

Enter your bank information details under basic information to either get a refund or pay outstanding tax debt if you get a negative or positive value.

Step 12:After your done, Upload the Excel(sheet) return form.

Step 13: Once you have uploaded the excel sheet, click on the submit button to file returns. If you followed the steps well then you have successfully filed your KRA returns.

Now we would like to hear from you, did you try to file your returns using the KRA P9 form or you decided to visit a cyber? Either way, let us know.

REMEMBER : Do you know you can file your KRA returns with your mobile phone? To do that , simply download the KRA iTax Mobile App on your phone and follow the precedure. You just need to hava a KRA pin number and the password you registered with on the Itax portal.

Written by Bruce Newton

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