Fearless Sonko Makes Another Major Expose in Dagoretti as DP Ruto Watch

Fearless Sonko Makes Another Major Expose

The Dynamics in politics can be well explained with the current political experiences in Kenya. People who were one time friends have turned out to be big enemies. Those who used to be enemies are now referring to each other as brothers.

This situation is visible in the relationship between president Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, and Raila Odinga. Their allies have as well suffered the same fate.

Former Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi, has turned out to be a bitter man after he was impeached. Sonko has been attacking the government in which at one time he was fiercely fighting for.

In the recent days, governor Sonko has turned to be a man of exposing government doings. He had exposed of plans by the government to assassinate some key politicians though no full evidence was provided.

On Sunday 24, Mike Sonko was among the leaders accompanying the deputy president for a funds drive in Dagoretti, Nairobi county. As usual, the former governor exposed who have been sponsoring the burning of vehicles in the pretense of hustlers.

Sonko said that the deep state through Interior PS, Kibicho, is the one sponsoring people to burn other people’s cars. According to him, all this is being done to tarnish the hustler campaigns which seem to pull huge masses.

Sonko also went ahead and exposed the I’ll doings they used to carry out with the deep state. He said that they used to hire people to go and violently stop Nasa campaigns. Sonko also added that he has worked with the deep state enough to understand how they operate.

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