The Father Who Raped And Impregnated His Two Daughters


These are the end times and the world seems to be coming to an end because of the evil acts happening all over the world. Weird things are happening that no one understands what force or spirit enters someone to do unbelievable acts.

Killings of couples, family members, love scandals, parents name them are just an example.

A man named John from Kiranyaga is one of the people who has done an absurd act that has left netizens wondering and shocked what got into him to sleep and force his daughters for sex and he is married to their mother, the daughters are 14 and 15 years old.

Police in the county are hunting for John who went into hiding after allegedly defiling and impregnating two of his own daughters. The news broke out when the mother of the two girls reported the matter at the Sagana Police station, demanding the arrest of her husband.

I hope and trust this woman and the girls will get justice at the court of law.

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