5 Bitter Facts That Will Disqualify Governor Joho to Any Top Seat Behold County Governor Position.

Governor Joho

As many Kenyans still praising governor Joho for taking a good lead in the war against corona virus in Mombasa county, many speculations have spread across that he is the kind of a leader that many people want to lead the whole nation.

With reference to the history of Kenyan politics, it is very difficult for governor Joho to become the president especially when he stands alone without the influence of Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta, those who have made it and know better what it takes to be the president of the nation.

Some of the facts that disqualify him for that race are;

1. Ability to Eliminate Rivals

Governor Joho
Governor Joho

In the history of Kenya, many assassinations have taken place mainly due to political rivalry and those that have been acting as a barrier to the success of others. This made great people like Tom Mboya, Robert Ouko, JM Kariuki, Jacob Juma, and Chris Musando being eliminated for standing on the ways of those that have once ruled the country. That is one kind of heart that Governor Joho lacks and so cannot survive well in this top politics.

2. Governor Joho Massive Tribal Following

Almost all of those that have led the country managed to sit on those seats not because they were the best leaders to lead the country but because they had the massive tribal following from their communities.

This tribal following is what governor Joho lacks unless he gets endorsed by Uhuru and Raila who have those massive tribal following currently apart from Ruto.

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3. Talent at Lying

It is very clear that for you to gain the hearts and trust of many voters, you have to sell big manifestos which some of them are likely impossible to be fulfilled in reality. And many Kenyans always go for those with such huge promises.

Since governor Joho seems to be a leader who means his words, it will be very difficult for him to tell Kenyans on what he knows he might not do at the end and that will affect him at ballot.

4. Huge Amount of cash ( Preferably Stolen )

If Governor Joho stands in 2022, he will probably face Ruto as the main competitor. It will be very difficult for him to win easily over Ruto who has been Allegedly attached to many cases of corruption and is now a billionaire that is likely to use millions of money just for campaigns.

5. Greed

Most top politicians in the country have been known to have been very greedy and hungry for public resources. This is one kind of character that governor Joho doesn’t possess.

Many top politicians who have ruled the country have been linked to many land cases including the current deputy president Dr. William Ruto who is likely to face Joho if at all he joins the race for the top seat.

Since the governor has never been linked with any land issue or public resources, it will be hard for him when he gets there for he will not know whether to follows the same protocol to fully secure the future of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren or whether to continue being clean.

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Governor Joho
Governor Joho

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