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Fact About 5G and Reason Why Many Claim it’s Connected to Coronavirus and 666 Mark.


5G is the recent high-speed network that many countries are currently upgrading to. It is the 5th generation network, an improvement over 4G. 5G is said to be about 10-times faster than 4G. Although China and South Korea are the first to launch it. China was first to commence the use of 5G on the 1st of November, 2019. China is the inventor of 5G as companies like Huawei made it operational.

It is believed that the 5G network comes with unbelievable functionalities that are not possible with the previous generation networks. Some of these functionalities are the reasons why many feel odd about the 5G network. Many have thus claimed that 5G is a 666 mark and a cause for the spreading coronavirus pandemic.


However, more insight reveals that the argument is that 5G is not the 666 mark but a means to have the mark. The reasons cited below are why 5G is considered a threat rather than a blessing by many.

Some of the great functions of a 5G phone are that you can afford to move around without your phone handy. You can afford to keep your phone at home or at your office and still receive and make calls. You can afford to access and operate your phone without having it handy. This is enabled by the installation of a microchip on your body.

With the microchip on you, you can answer your phone calls with your body. You can call someone, send messages and access other vital information with your body without using the phone. The functionality makes it possible for the device to read your mind, and act accordingly.

This equally makes you vulnerable to an intruder who has higher power to ‘high-jack or infiltrate your system’. Such infiltration could be a virus attack or all other harmful ploys. Now, that makes it dangerous. And the fact that it calls for an installing of microchips in your body makes it qualify as a mark or means of 666 marks as many have opined. The fact that it could be hijacked to access your body through the microchips makes it possible for a virus to infect you as many have also opined.


The 5G and its microchips installation on human bodies makes it possible for you to accomplish so much without having your phone with you. For instance, with the microchip on you; you’ll be able to travel without your International Passport. You can access your bank accounts and able to buy and sell. This is said to be the sign of the mark of 666 by many.

It has, therefore, been claimed that the present spread of coronavirus was made possible through the 5G network. Many are calling for it not to be switched on in many countries of the world. They fear that the coronavirus is just the beginning of bangs of distress if the 5G network is allowed to be switched on in countries of the world.

Although this remains the position of some people, it is not confirmed to be the true reality or a lie. Hence, this write-up is made to educate you and help keep you informed.

Though some debunk the myth that 5G Network is linked to coronavirus pandemic

In recent weeks, baseless claims about risks associated with the next-generation mobile technology have gone mainstream. Claims linking 5G to the coronavirus pandemic have led to petrol bomb attacks on phone masts and rebuttals from the government. Tom Phillips, the editor of the fact-checking organization Full Fact, said it warned last summer about the growing prevalence of 5G health claims.

But in recent weeks debunked claims about 5G had been transformed, potentially aided by the creation of new local Facebook and WhatsApp groups to help support neighbors during the pandemic. Google Trends data suggests British interest in 5G theories exploded in the final days of March, shortly after the lockdown was imposed. The conspiracy theories claiming that radiation from 5G towers can lower the body’s immune system has been condemned by the scientific community.


National Health Service (NHS) England’s national medical director, Stephen Powis said the 5G conspiracy idea was fake news with no scientific backing that risked damaging the emergency response to the outbreak.“The 5G story is complete and utter rubbish, it’s nonsense, it’s the worst kind of fake news,” Powis said. “The reality is that the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical to all of us”, he added.

Last week South African health minister Dr Zweli Mkhnize also spoke out against the ongoing rumours, calling it “fake news” that did not stand up to scrutiny.“The reality is that 5G is a technology, and coronavirus is an organic infection that is based on a living viral agent,” Mkhize explained.

During a 5G webinar last week, organized by the National Electronics Media Institute of South Africa, Prof Antoine Bagula, from the University of the Western Cape said, “Radiofrequency spectrum falls under non-ionizing radiation with low energy/band, this is low risk to human health. Today if you go for an X-ray, which is a form of ionizing radiation, you are covered by lead.

You know why? It is because they are following guidelines to ensure that you are not over exposed to radiation.”The fake theories doing the rounds on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok, come at a critical time in the pandemic and plays on people’s emotions. This could explain why some of the social media platforms have started to take responsible response.

YouTube has reduced the amount of content spreading conspiracy theories that it recommends to users and removed some of the conspiratorial content since that could “misinform users in harmful ways.”


“We also have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment,” a YouTube spokesperson said.WhatsApp has also tightened message forwarding limits since Tuesday, restricting users to sharing forwarded content one chat at a time after a jump in messages touting bogus medical advice since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

WhatsApp, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide, said in a blog post that it made the change after observing a “significant increase” in the number of forwards since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Other viral claims emphasized other supposed coincidences. A popular claim that Wuhan was the first city in the world to receive 5G took hold.

But Wuhan received 5G coverage in August 2019, almost 18 months after O2 launched its first London testbed for the technology on the Greenwich peninsula.Meanwhile, Iran has seen an incredibly high number of coronavirus cases despite not having any 5G coverage.

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