Facts About Radio Personality Mbusii, Did You Know He Has Children?

Facts About Radio Personality Mbusii

Daniel Githinji Mwangi popularly known as Mbusii is a Kenyan radio presenter, musician, family man, actor, and stand-up Comedian. Mbusii who does a variety of jobs says that his journey has been full of struggles and challenges which have sharped him to face his haters and life crises.

Born to Kikuyu parents in a humble background he struggled for his Secondary education as well as his college studies. He says that at home they would lack food, clothing, and school fees since his parents were just peasant farmers.

Mbusii however studied hard in school since that was the only way he could remove his family from the trappings of poverty and ensure that all basic needs of the family are met. 

Facts About Radio Personality Mbusii

After completing his college education he joined Kenya Theatre to act although he was denied roles considering that he had a small petite body.

He would only be assigned small roles at a home he died since the pay was small. For survival, he opted to sell bhang at Kenya theatre since the acting job could not pay his rent. 

One day a certain radio personality from Ghetto radio arrived at Kenya National Theatre and started looking for a Comedian who would do a ‘sheng’ show for their radio.

Some friends directed him to Mbusii but when he heard that he was being trailed he thought it was the police since he used to sell illegal products like bhang and decided to hide. 

Facts About Radio Personality Mbusii

The individual continued pursuing him until he finally came out and he was given the job at Ghetto radio. At Ghetto radio he trained himself radio skills and how to operate radio computers.

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He later relocated to Radio Jambo where he currently co-hosts with Lion and they have much listenership due to the reggae music they play. He is also a father of two daughters.

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