Facts About Presidential Jet Luxurious Fokker 70ER

Presidential Jet, Fokker 70 ER

Kenya’s presidential jet, Luxurious Fokker 70ER, christened Harambee One, is the preferred jet for use by Kenya’s heads of state and VVIP’s.

It is one of the most expensive Presidential jets in Africa and 22 years down the line, the fuel efficient aircraft is still going strong.

Although not much is known about Harambee One, perhaps for security reasons, here are a few quick facts about the plane:

1. The Luxurious Fokker 70ER, a medium-sized aircraft manufactured in the Netherlands, was acquired from the Netherlands in 1995 through the Kenya Air Force.

Presidential Jet, Fokker 70 ER
Presidential Jet, Fokker 70 ER

2. Former President Daniel Moi used the aircraft for the first time on January 26, 1996 during his journey for an official function in Uganda with Colonel James Gitahi as the first captain of the plane.

3. The Luxurious Fokker 70ER has two, rear mounted, Rolls-Royce Tay power plants each generating approximately 13,000 pounds of thrust.

4. Whilst the Luxurious Fokker 70ER has a seating capacity of between 72 and 85 passengers depending on the configuration of seats, Kenya’s version is said to have a capacity of 26.

Presidential Jet, Fokker 70 ER

5. The plane has only been used by three presidents; Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta.

6. It is not exactly known for how long it can remain airborne unlike Air Force one that can remain airborne indefinitely. This is because Air Force one can be refueled while airborne.

7. Kenya Air Force technical and cabin crew- that usually handle the plane- are to this day trained in Netherlands.

Presidential Jet, Fokker 70 ER

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