16 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

1. Mike Mbuvi Sonko was born on February 27, 1975, in Mombasa. His mother passed on in 1997. His late father, Mzee Kivanguli hailed from Mua Hills, in Machakos County.

Mzee Kivanguli was an astute businessman dealing with property, real estate, and property development selling beach plots at the Coast to European investors under Pelly Properties

2. Mike Mbuvi Sonko spent his early years in crime, from mugging people in the streets of Mombasa to becoming a major international drug lord. He is a notorious jailbreaker, having escaped from Shimo La Tewa Prison under unclear circumstances. His thuggish, often garish mode of dressing has only reinforced this image of a gangster.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

3. The younger Mbuvi had several brushes with the law from way back in 1995 when he was arrested and charged with assault. He was released on bond which was revoked in 1997 which saw him incarcerated at Shimo la Tewa Prison. Sonko would later escape prison in 1998 to pay his last respects to his late mother.

4. Sonko started his education at Kikowani Primary School in Mombasa. He proceeded to join Kwale High School for his secondary education. He later started helping out his father and became more engaged in his various businesses.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

He perfected and mastered his business skills which saw him forfeit a chance to pursue his university education, despite having qualified, as the business was so lucrative. He decided instead, to follow his passion for business where he joined Pwani Business College and Excel International School in Mwanza and studied Business Administration

5. In spite of his many shortcomings, Mike Sonko is a family man, husband, and doting father. He is married to Primrose Mbuvi and is a proud father to his three lovely daughters – Saumu, Salma, and Sandra. All his daughters are from different baby mamas. Saumu his firstborn daughter is from Sonko’s late wife Njeri. Salma’s mother is a woman who hails from Juja while Sandra is the daughter of his current wife Primrose.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

6. In 2013, his short stature saw him elected as the patron of the People with Dwarfism Association.

7. Flamboyant Sonko’s larger-than-life persona cannot be depicted perfectly than the way he did it in his choice of shelter. Located on Mua Hills, Machakos County, the governor’s mansion reportedly valued at Ksh150 million humbles those belonging to his neighbors with its elegance and magnificence.

8. As his name suggests, the flamboyant controversial county chief Sonko is a rich ‘hustler’, though the source of his wealth remains a subject of debate. In a local publication, Sonko narrated how in 1994, at just Form Four, he managed to rake at least Sh5 million while working for his father.

The enterprising Sonko would then relocate to Nairobi in 1994, where he ventured into the matatu business. He started out with eight matatus on the Kibra route. His business flourished and he added more matatus on the Umoja and Dandora route within three years.

9. A year later in 1998, he added minibusses to his fleet of vehicles which plied the Buru Buru route. His first minibus was christened ‘Ruffcuts’. From the matatu proceeds, he ventured into tours and travel business where he bought a double-decker for ferrying tourists and two buses. His dominance in the matatu industry saw him elected to head Eastlands Matatu Association as the chairperson.

10. Mr. Sonko’s rise to power was dramatic- from an MP for Makadara Constituency to the city’s first senator under the new Constitution and later dethroning Dr. Evans Kidero as the Nairobi County governor in 2017. His was a promising life in politics with masses of Nairobians behind him.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

11. His three years as Nairobi’s second governor were tumultuous, with the resignation of his deputy shortly after their election in 2017 and open political wars with both the government of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the county assembly and the lasting challenges of running Kenya’s most important local government body.

12. Mr. Sonko at one time put President Uhuru Kenyatta on speakerphone to the amazement of many- perhaps to show his closeness to the head of state.

13. Mr. Sonko is also battling with EACC over the acquisition of a property in Upper Hill, which initially belonged to the Trustees of Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefits Scheme. A company associated with him said he acquired the property, measuring 0.2025 hectares, in 2019 for Sh200 million.

14. The Nairobi’s Gold-Loving former Governor looted Nairobi City coffers with wanton abandon. He was accused of squandering taxpayers’ funds by allegedly spending KSh 4.6 million on his daughter’s trip to the United States (US).

15. Sonko has earned a reputation for splurging cash on the poor and is often moved to tears by the sight of Kenyans in distress. But Josephine Wanjeri Thuku, his former girlfriend, claims the senator is not genuine.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

Wanjeri claims that while charity begins at home, Sonko, whose philanthropy is renowned, has neglected his child to punish her. Wanjeri also claims that she is not the first victim of Sonko’s wrath after a relationship gone sour. “He is in the habit of ambushing his former girlfriends at home with a pick-up truck and carting away all household items he had bought,” she claimed.

16. Sonko is a high-level propagandist from ‘Sonko Rescue’ to ‘Sonko scandals’. Sonko is a liability to any one’s political future. When he had an opportunity to install dignity to Nairobi residents by improving services and infrastructure in the city, he failed terribly.

Now he says things carelessly thinking that they will hurt “the system” without the hindsight that such utterances destroy both parties. This shows Sonko is not a very intelligent guy and he should be avoided.

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