Meet Grace Wahu – Jomo Kenyatta’s 1st Wife

Interesting Facts about Grace Wahu - Jomo Kenyatta's Wife

Grace Wahu was the very first wife of the first President of Kenya, mzee Jomo Kenyatta. According to reliable sources, by the time Grace Wahu got married to Jomo Kenyatta, he was initially known as Johnstone Kamau. Little is known of Grace Wahu, who was a very dedicated Christian and believer of the Catholic Church of Kenya.

Below are Facts About Grace Wahu, Jomo Kenyatta’s Wife.

Grace Wahu was Married to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in the year 1919. The two were happily married under the Gikuyu customs and they were blessed with two children whose names were: Peter Muigai Kenyatta, who was born in 1920, and Margaret Wambui who was born in 1928.

After the death of mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Grace Wahu chose to live away from the eyes of the public. She decided to live a private life, as she considered it more peaceful and joyous. In addition, she wanted to immortalize her own name after she passed on.

Grace Wahu chose to immortalize her name by designing a will that left most of her properties to the custody of the church. She had a wish that her name would be identified with any project that the church establishes.

Having done that, Grace Wahu had to sign away a huge piece of land in Dagoretti in 1985 valued at Kshs. 10,000,000. The land was about 5.5 acres. Her hope was that the catholic church would build an institution on the piece of land and appoint a family member as one of the board members.

Due to her generosity, Grace Wahu had disinherited her daughter named Wambui Kenyatta, who was the Nairobi mayor in her will. In addition, she gave a directive that her final resting place gets established on a reservation made on the piece of land measuring about an eighth.

Later on, in April 16,2006, that is 26 years later after her initial decision, Grace Wahu changed her mind and altered her will. She included her daughter in her property located in Ngando in dagoretti.

The court reports indicated as follows: ” The grant of probate of the will dated April 15, 1985, of the deceased was issued to Margret Wambui Kenyatta on April 8, 2008. The deceased appointed her only surviving child Margret Wambui Kenyatta to be the sole executrix.”

Grace Wahu died in April 2007 at the age of around 110. Little was known of wahu for she chose to lead a quiet life. She did not involve herself in any form of power play immediately her husband Jomo Kenyatta passed on in 1978.

Grace chose to raise her two children in a quiet environment. One of her children Peter Muigai was the former Member of Parliament for Juja and Assistant Minister.

Interesting Facts about Grace Wahu: Jomo Kenyatta's Wife
Grace Wahu – Jomo Kenyatta’s Wife

During her burial, Grace Wahu was highly praised for her commitment and devotion to St. Joseph’s Ngando Catholic church.

Wambui, due to illness, was not able to take care of her late mother’s properties and wealth. The doctors report read, “I recommend that someone be assigned the responsibilities of her estate.”

In Kenya, the law requires that the management of such an estate be handled by the next of kin. Unfortunately, Wambui’s son named Patrick John Kamau also passed on. This led her daughter in law, named Emily Kamau to apply as the administrators of the estate together with her eldest son named Njomo Kamau.

Emily Kamau had advised the court that if the property gets left into the hands of the ailing mother in law that is Wambui, there was a great likelihood that it would go to waste.

Grace Wahu’s daughter Wambui died recently having left three grandchildren named Njomo, Ngwiri Kamau, and Margaret Wambui Kamau.

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