10 Interesting Facts About Daniel Ndambuki- ‘Churchill’

Daniel Ndambuki

Daniel Ndambuki a.k.a Churchill, he has become one of the most sought after comedian in Kenya today. He has a desire to help many aspiring and talented Comedians achieve their dreams. Daniel Ndambuki has done this, by promoting his signature show, Churchill lives which airs on NTV.

Facts About Daniel Ndambuki- 'Churchill'

Here are some of the Facts about Ndambuki- Churchill;

  1. Daniel Ndambuki – Churchill was born on 30th October 1977.

2. Born in Machakos and Raised in Nairobi.

3. Churchill went to Mumbuni High School in Machakos County.

4. Churchill is additional an effective clever Radii moderator

5. Daniel Ndambuki is the father of Comic who hosts Churchill Show on NTV, a play author, an on-screen Character, MC, and a media Identity who Co-hosts Maina Kageni at Classic 105, during weekdays.

Facts About Daniel Ndambuki- 'Churchill'

6. With a new style and clean funniness, Churchill has in the previous couple of years changed the comic drama scenes.

7. Daniel Ndambuki– Churchill star began spackling when he showed up in Ridiculous, an interesting Tv comic drama.

8. Acting along with other comics he gained the necessary skills that landed him the Churchill Show on Television. The Show is more than 15 years, he began the show as a single Comedian before introducing other legendary comics like Erick Omondi.

9. Over the years he has managed to pull a large crowd with over 2 million fans on Facebook and Instagram notwithstanding the rest of the country.

10. Ndambuki has won countless awards for exceptional skills including; Kalasha, Mavuno, and many more others.

Facts About Daniel Ndambuki- 'Churchill'

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