Exit Speech Of Deputy Speaker Prof. Kithure Kindiki On May 22, 2020

Deputy Speaker


Today, I stand here paraded before the whole Nation accused of misdeeds whose particulars have never been brought to my attention until now, despite me consistently asking for them. There can be only two reasons for this travesty of procedural justice, namely, that these trumped-up charges are woefully baseless and that my case is a fait accompli- I must be removed by all means whatsoever, even by unconstitutional means.


How I wish this Special Sitting with the haste in which it has been convened was meant to discuss the plight of the millions of our people across this Country who are living in dire need and abject poverty.

I bow in shame to note that we are here today for such an elitist triviality powered by petty, divisive and vindictive politics as the Country hurts from the lethal combination of a near collapsed economy, a ravaging pandemic, floods and a rare invasion by desert locusts that pose a real threat to our food security, and by extension, our national security. At times like these, our Motherland desperately need the solidarity of every single Kenyan and reconciliation, not hate and pettiness.


It does not bother me at all that the die is cast against me. What bothers me is that the Constitution of our Country is once more being indecently assaulted in full glare. A handful of rogue fellow citizens have made it their orgy of pleasure to humiliate freedom and truth with reckless abandon with little patience for procedural dictates of our Constitution which would give the Constitution of our country some semblance of honor, even fake, cosmetic or hypocritical honor.

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The right to be heard and to be fairly tried in a judicial, quasi-judicial or administrative process would help clothe even a horribly evil process such as this with some form of legitimacy. Give a man a chance to defend himself, even if his defence is regarded inconsequential and an outcome has been predetermined.


My faith in God instilled in me early in life has helped me navigate even the deadliest of the storms of life with minimal injury or none. Also my more than one decade in academia helped me build moral resilience adequate to withstand the temptation of living an unprincipled life and resist the urge to pursue vanity. It taught me never to sell my beliefs for expediency.


His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, whom I am being accused to have disrespected should know that I have always and will forever respect him. I hold him in the highest esteem and veneration as the Leader of our Country and the symbol of the unity of our Nation.

I have faith in him as Leader of our Party and will support him loyally to the end of his Administration as a matter of duty and choice. I wish him and his Administration well for the remainder of his term. I believe beyond peradventure that he is not linked in any way to this injustice.


In my previous responsibility as Senate Majority Leader, I did my best to push Government Business in this House and to defend the President and his Administration whenever they came under political attack.

Subsequently, the Jubilee Party with full blessings of President Kenyatta nominated me to run for the post of Deputy Speaker of this House, to which I was elected to assist the Speaker in the non-partisan role of being an impartial umpire on disputes brought to this House.
In that role, I have tried my best not only to be fair but also to appear fair so as not to compromise the dignity and independence of Parliament as an arm of Government. Outside this Chamber, I have calibrated my political utterances to give full respect and dignity to my Constitutional role of an impartial umpire. Neither in my previous role nor in the current one that ends today have I been disrespectful to the President.

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I have endeavored to respect my colleague Senators, despite the unique challenges of moderating Parliamentary debates. In recent times, I have been somewhat restrained as I observed the worrying political developments that threaten to polarize our Country. My accusers may have mistaken this restraint for weakness. They thought I had no views to air publicly, or that fear had triumphed over me. They wrongly diagnosed that I could be manipulated, cajoled or even threatened to join them in what in my view is a treasonable project of destroying our Country. I respect their choice to be petty, but they ought to have known that humility is not cowardice, neither is silence a sign of ignorance.


I have lived long enough to witness even darker moments when faith in our democracy and values has been severely tested. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic of better days ahead for our Nation. However dark it gets, the sun of freedom and justice shall soon shine again over Kenya.


In my struggles with the powers of darkness, I rejoice in my tribulations. Harboring hate would work in favour of my accusers. I freely forgive those who have crucified me. If I don’t, they will have succeeded in pulling me down into their dirty underground moral dungeon from where they cook their hopeless schemes. I am reminded of the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. never to succumb to the temptation of bitterness. As a sign of strength, I forgive them without conditions.

However let them know that victory over darkness comes to the victors in instalments, but punishment for perpetuating the works of darkness is meted out on the conspirators in one lump sum.

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Those who scheme and connive to carry out wickedness should know that a lie cannot last long. As Mahatma Gandhi stated: “I shall not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet” AND “nobody can hurt me without my permission”.

I will forever be grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support that I have received from family, friends, fellow elected leaders, colleague Senators, Staff, my constituents from Tharaka Nithi County, and thousands of Kenyans of goodwill from across our beloved Country. It took darkness for me to see the galaxy of stars strewn all over this Nation who detest and abhor injustice. This has given me great hope that our Nation shall rise again. There is hope for Kenya.

Those who think that I have made a mistake must understand that freedom includes the freedom to make mistakes. Today, MR SPEAKER, every Senator here present must decide for himself or herself if they will live in fear or live in freedom.

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