Everylne Recalls Landing a High paying Job After Rev Natasha prayer


A young youthful lady identified as Everylne recalls how she landed a high paying job after years of struggle without a job. The viscous lady who relayed a powerful testimony can’t hold her beautiful joy after her life changed completely through a prayer request submitted to Rev Lucy Natasha.

“Rev Natasha, I wish to clarify that I not only for a job but a high paying job. You made a prayer last week incidentally on the next day I received a call. Fortunately, I received another call…..one from two and another one in the airport. However, I tried to equate the two and select one of them. I had no other alternative bother than coming to town.” Everylne confessed

The single and homeless lady decided to try the power of prayer after human struggle. Basically sending the request through online platforms was not enough but a decision to meet Rev Lucy Natasha one on one could heal the wound No more struggle because weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning.

However, Everylne made a sacrifice to the altar by sowing a seed of faith and thanking God for the love. She still puts it that God’s timing is the best.

Everylne Recalls Landing a High paying Job After Rev Natasha prayer
Everylne Recalls Landing a High paying Job After Rev Natasha prayer

Moreover, Everylne acknowledged the fact that her colleague provided a rental house fit for survival. She had earlier pleaded with friends and close Allie’s to at least help a one week shelter to help search for a job in the area but found none.

Going to obtain a certificate is a very difficult thing to do. Getting a job is not an easy thing to come by. Finding yourself in a bad economy could flame up the hardship. The ability to look for a job makes a person jobless.

Being jobless is synonymous with lack. Now Everylne years of struggle yielded fortunes. She confirms to have engaged directly with her employee before begging the job. No interview was done as she expected.

The city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has always encouraged her followers to Build their faith on the platform ( arena of miracles alias Miracle Monday services) that will get soon get a miracle job in the key to a testimony.

She says that Once you believe in God that a job has been settled, then it will be settled in Jesus’ name. The problem of searching for jobs, praying for promotion will attract the attention of God.

Indeed Lucy Natasha points out the fact that Sometimes, there is a reason for everything that happens to people irrespective of what they are facing in life.

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Written by Tony Mballa