Next On Ringo: When Alejo Says Brenda Is Affected By Manuel’s Death, Eva Doesn’t Believe, Brenda Never Liked Her Father

Manuel Brenda

Everyone attends Manuel’s wake (apparently no autopsy!) since he was so well-loved by everyone. There, Alejo and Brenda meet and talk. Brenda comments that she didn’t always treat Manuel well, but she loved him.

Alejo starts by suggesting that she reconcile with her sister and join her in defending their heritage together. Alejo then outlines everything that has happened and how Brenda has reacted impulsively and without thinking of anyone else but herself.

After he tells her that Diego stole from her father and that he is suspected of murdering him too, he adds that she has now become Diego’s ally. Brenda is left speechless (for once!). On the other side of the room, Mirta arrives and gives her condolences to Eva as she fondly remembers Manuel.

At Teresa’s house, Ringo tells Santi about Manuel dying. Santi loved him too; Manuel was like a grandfather to him. After Ringo comments that Manuel will always be in their hearts, Santi adds that Manuel will be in heaven and will take care of them Oso arrives at the wake; Eva doesn’t know how she will be able to fill the void that her father’s death has left.

Oso assures her that he is still there for her. Oso shares all that Manuel has done for him…and he will no longer have anyone to fight with. They hug tightly as they try to comfort each other.


In the United States, Gloria receives a call from her boss who congratulates her on her good work. He then asks her for a “favor”…to bring him $50,000 dollars; and she, though knowing that entering the country with that amount of money is not allowed, accepts.

Guevara apologizes to Guachin for jumping to conclusions; he was wrong and has no excuse. When he tells Guachin that Susana told him about him paying for his operation…Guachin was hoping that Susana would never tell him since he did it with all his heart. What hurts Guachin is that Guevara could think so badly about him.

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When Guevara wonders what he could do to make up for what he did, Guachin tells him he shouldn’t do anything…he was also wrong in being misled by El Jaibo.

Eva and Julia talk about how they feel about losing and missing their fathers. Julia advises that the only thing they can do is try to accept the reality. With time, they will be at peace and they can move forward. Julia then goes to Ringo who tells her that he feels very sad too. Manuel’s death will affect everyone.

Brenda goes to her room and begins to hallucinate about her dad who tells her that she is wrong to trust Diego who is a bad person and using her. She needs to support her sister who will always take care for her. Brenda realizes how stupid she was and asks her father to forgive her.

Martita arrives at the service and Mirta chides her for showing up, Martita just wanted to come give her condolences to Eva. When she talks to Eva, she tells Eva that she will always regret not forgiving Manuel.

Oso and Guevara share Manuel stories with Susana and the Oso clan. Guevara thinks that wherever Manuel is, he must be laughing about all the pranks he pulled on Oso. Elsewhere in the room, Max sits with Eva who looks exhausted and broken.

After the wake, Ringo takes Julia home. Julia thought the day would start with taking the presidency from Diego, but it only ended with the loss of her uncle. After Ringo leaves, Julia goes to her room and Brenda enters…she was waiting for her. Brenda is regretful…she talked to Alejo who made her realize how stupid she has been.

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Brenda admits that she has done a lot of damage and asks Julia to forgive her for not believing her…she was blinded with her desire to have money. Brenda is very sorry and wants to make up for it. She will call Diego in the morning and tell him that she will revoke the control she gave him…and Brenda will now support whatever Julia wants.


Ringo goes home and talks to Santi who seems to be asleep. He tells him that amongst so much tragedy, he is happy that Santi is there…all he wants is for Santi to be with him.

Santi “wakes up” and tells Ringo that he also wants to be with Ringo. When Santi asks if he is going to return with his mother, Ringo reminds him that his love for his mother is lost; he will never return with Gloria…and it’s not because of Julia.

Santi wonders if Ringo misses Julia as much as he misses him (Santi). Ringo assures him that he does…and he loves Julia too. but it is a different love than what he feels for Santi.

The Next Morning, Brenda calls Diego to tell him that he is going to revoke her consent to give him authority. When he asks why she tells him that she made a mistake. She was focused on getting money and he took advantage of her…and put her against her family.

She then asks him to call the notary so that they can sign what is necessary. Julia tells Alejo that Brenda has expressed that she is going to revoke the control she gave to Diego.

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Alejo shares about his talk with Brenda as Ringo, Max, and Eva listen. When Alejo comments that Brenda is affected by Manuel’s death, Eva doesn’t believe since Brenda never liked her father. Teresa then arrives and hugs Eva as she gives her condolences.

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