The Estimated Cost of Building a Beautiful 3 Bedroom House Upcountry

Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House

Owning a beautiful 3 Bedroom House back in your rural home is one of the greatest achievements in life everyone would wish to achieve. The biggest challenge is always the capital to build your house.

Building a modern 3 Bedroom House can cost you an arm and a leg and I believe those who have already built can attest to this.

For some people it may take more than five years others less than two years depending on the levels of income. Many people find it difficult to achieve because of the huge amount of capital involved.

Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House
Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House

I would like to advise people who have low levels of income to be buying materials in small quantities and keeping them until they have enough to start building.

Basically, a 3 Bedroom House occupies a space of approximately 450 square meters or less depending on the size of the house. It also consists of a living room, master bedroom two bedrooms three, and bathroom. Most houses build upcountry are not much complicated as those build in town.

In this article, we are going to see an estimated cost of building a house upcountry in Kenya. Note that, the total cost varies depending on the location, design, and the south of your raw materials.

Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House

Cement 135 bags @680 =91,800

Sand =60,000

Machine cut stones 2800 @23=64,400

Roof material =87,500

Foundation Stonnes =44,000

Hardcore =21,500

Timber =82,000

Labour and Transport = 135,800

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Electric materials = 28,500

Wall pass 4 rolls = 7,800

Nails = 6,00

Binding wire = 4,000

BRC Mesh = 12,000

DPM = 7,400

DPC =6,500

Doors = 36,000

Windows =42,000

Painting =78,500

Miscellaneous = 43,000

Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House
Estimated Cost for 3 Bedroom House

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