How President Uhuru has Been Helping Dp William Ruto Secretly to Campaign for 2022.

Is Ruto Having a Secret Meeting With Raila Abroad? See What Mbadi Said

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Though President Uhuru Kenyatta has kept off the 2022 succession politics, how he has let his Deputy William Ruto talk the way he wants speaks a lot. President Uhuru Kenyatta is enjoying the peace every president in the world yearns for. He has already subdued the most strong opposition any president in Africa has never faced. President Uhuru diligently brought Raila Odinga to his side and he won’t dare anything of 2022 succession politics unless towards the end of his term. One would wonder how President Uhuru and his deputy cannot…

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Fact; Paul Gicheru Did not Surrender to the ICC, he was Surrendered by ‘The Government of Kenya’

Paul Gicheru

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares On September 3, a circular was issued by the government of Kenya to ban international travel for all State officers and required them to seek permission from the Executive Office of the President. Thus, Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and officers in ministries, Chief Executive Officers of Parastatals and their officers, and Board of Directors of Parastatals cannot travel out of the country without approval from the office of the president. Paul Gicheru, a lawyer who surrendered to ICC in connection to the former case of DP Dr. William…

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Mutahi Ngunyi: ‘Uhuru Does Not Need GEMA to Make Raila President, He Needs half of AKORINO women ONLY’

Uhuru Does Not Need GEMA

TweetShare75SharePin277 Shares Please GEMA Hustlers, get this straight: Muthamaki UHURU DOES NOT NEED YOU. Uhuru just needs 6% of GEMA Elites (Kieleweke Leaders) TO MAKE RAILA PRESIDENT, you can go to hell! To Nyamakima Traders who have held numerous protests crying for President’s help, give President Uhuru a break, he does NOT need you. Gikomba traders whose Mitumba exports have been banned and are out of business, you can go hung, Uhuru does NOT need you. Gikomba Stall Owners whose markets have been burned and grabbed by someone close Muthamaki…

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Powerful Cabinet Minister Who Never Slept With His 4 Wives.

Cabinet Minister

TweetShare348SharePin1349 Shares Powerful Cabinet Minister: Recently, there has been an emergence of two words defining the current state of politics in the country, the System and Deep State. These are said to be groups of extremely powerful individuals who run the shots including dictating how the political game will be played, and hold deep secrets on how the country is run. This isn’t the first time that such groups are existing. In every presidency since the country gained independence in 1963, there’s a group of individuals better referred to as…

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Philip Onyancha Untold Stories: My Mission Was To Kill 100 Women!

Philip Onyancha

TweetShare207SharePin207 Shares In 2009, Philip Onyancha who was 32 by then, hit the media headlines after he allegedly confessed to having killed 19 women and children. Onyancha, who is now serving his jail terms in Kamiti Maximum Prison, was a former G4S security guard who was introduced to a cult by his teacher, Elizabeth Wambui.This cult was to make him rich after completing his duty, which was to kill 100 people within 5 years. Confessing during a police interview, Philip Onyancha admitted that he would lure the victims who were…

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Be Careful Of Who You Leave Your Children With, See What Happened To A Child In A Neighbour’s House.


TweetShare37SharePin138 Shares Sometimes, Parents would have to leave their children with trusted neighbors if they want to go somewhere important,I strongly advise against it and you would also after you watch this video. In this video I’m about to show you,a boy was beating another young boy who was reported as the only child of their neighbours.The parent of this boy went out so they decided to drop this boy with their trusted neighbors. But to our surprise, something happened and an adult started to instigate the two children against…

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5 Reasons Why Dr. William Ruto Might Be Our 5th President

Ruto Multimillion Properties And Enterprises

TweetShare385SharePin385 Shares The DP William Ruto always tells us that he is aware of the game and that it’s rather obvious there are dirty schemes aimed at destroying his office together with his presidential ambitions simply because his competitors feel superior to him out of his background, his persona, and that target to stop him from ascending to power. All these have been manifested through frustrating events and narratives by “pro-BBI” politicians and some state officers against the Deputy President William Ruto support the aforementioned. Despite all the recent mudslinging…

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OPINION: Why Nick Mwendwa Deserves Another Term at the Helm of FKF

Nick Mwendwa

TweetShare24SharePin24 Shares Nick Mwendwa: Even the most ardent critics of the current FKF administration acknowledge albeit begrudgingly the fact that in the last four years, the state of football in Kenya has improved in many aspects. These include Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa’s political opponents. I too subscribe to the school of thought that Nick Mwendwa’s first four-year term at the helm of Kenyan football has been a success and what he now needs is to take the sport to the next level even as he aspires for…

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What Your Employer Will Never Tell You Ever, Like When to SACK You.


TweetShare18SharePin18 Shares Employer, Sometimes ago I was discussing with an elder friend of mine. He is the owner and proprietor of a school and he had about 32 employees. We sat down together to talk about his school and how we could make it more profitable. Guess one of those things he was planning so as to have a more lucrative business? He told me, “So and so will be sacked in the next three weeks or so”. I asked him, “Have you informed her about your plan (to sack…

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