Citizen Tv Maria Series: This Is Maria’s Biological Father.

Maria's Biological Father.

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Maria’s Biological Father. Maria tv show is one of the most loved shows in Kenya at the moment. The show is aired on citizen tv from 07:30 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday at 04:30pm. The show has gained much popularity since it started towards the end of last year. Maria acts as the main character in the show and she has been rated highly after showing great skills in the show. Maria has been looking for her father when Sandra kidnapped her and manipulated her mind that William knows everything about…

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BREAKING ‘Dead’ Man Screams For Help at Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital

Kapkatet Mortuary

TweetShareSharePin44 Shares Kericho, Kapkatet Mortuary Hospital: Negligence by doctors has become rampant in the country. Doctors cases operating different people or parts of the body than the required party has been experienced in this country for a number of times. However, Kenyans on social pages have continued to condemn this act of negligence by doctors. Mixed reactions have erupted online after recently there was a delivery woman who’s the case was a drunk doctor had operated her halfway at the longish hospital and later she was rushed to Tenwek hospital…

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Meet Sanele Masilela a 9- Years Old Boy Who Married A 62-Year-Old Lady in 2014.

9- Years Old Boy Who Married A 62 Year Old Lady in 2014

TweetShareSharePin1717 Shares Hellen Shabangu and Sanele Masilela got married in a wedding back in the year 2014. The news of their Marriage lit up the internet, people all over the social media platforms. Yes, at such a young age, this boy exchanges wedding rings with his biological mother in front of his father and hundreds of invited guests. Reasoning too much love, this boy is married to his mother who is 62 years old and will be the father of 5 other siblings. Marriage of minors is always a scourge in…

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DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party, Seize Reams of condoms, 100+ Alcohol Bottles

DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Yesterday The DCI Arrests 44 School Children Aged Between 14 Years And 17 Years Old At A House Party In Mountain View Estate It is now seven months plus since the closure of schools due to the invasion of the novel Corona. Since the report of the first case in March, the government came to an agreement to close all learning institutions as a measure to curb the spread of the virus. However strange happenings have been happening during this long holiday such as recording the highest numbers…

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Maria Citizen TV: See How Maria got In Trouble after visiting Boss Victor’s ‘Empire’.

Maria got Troubled after visiting Boss Victor

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares Maria Citizen TV: Luwi and Vanessa will still be choking Brenda. Luwi will visit Brenda since she is the only one left in their team what she is planning to do but she will still insist on not knowing anything. Brenda will start narrating to them telling them she wishes they knew her side of the story and the pain of not knowing where she was born. She will say she doesn’t know her biological father. Brenda will say her mother usually treats her like a slave and threats her every time. Brenda…

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Maria Tv Series: William Divorced Vicky After Discovering That She Was Involved In Victor’s Scandal.

William Divorced Vicky After Discovering That She Was Involved In Victor's Scandal.

TweetShareSharePin1212 Shares Maria’s tv show is one of the most loved and watched in Kenya which is aired on one of the local tv channels – citizen tv. The show has gained much popularity within a very short period of time since it started. It is largely watched by many people regardless of age and social class. Madam Vicky who acts as the mother to Luwi, Vanessa, and Victor and wife to William has had a difficult life with William a few days ago and the worst happened recently. Victor her son has done this unexpectedly by chasing…

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How President Uhuru has Been Helping Dp William Ruto Secretly to Campaign for 2022.

Is Ruto Having a Secret Meeting With Raila Abroad? See What Mbadi Said

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares Though President Uhuru Kenyatta has kept off the 2022 succession politics, how he has let his Deputy William Ruto talk the way he wants speaks a lot. President Uhuru Kenyatta is enjoying the peace every president in the world yearns for. He has already subdued the most strong opposition any president in Africa has never faced. President Uhuru diligently brought Raila Odinga to his side and he won’t dare anything of 2022 succession politics unless towards the end of his term. One would wonder how President Uhuru and his deputy cannot…

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How Nairobi Criminal Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online Users Before Robbing Them.

Nairobi Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online

TweetShareSharePin1919 Shares On November 28 last year, American Philipe Chiliade landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to meet his gay men lovers whom he had fallen in love with after a brief encounter on Facebook. Chiliade was chauffeured out of the airport in a cab and taken to a single room in Pipeline estate in Nairobi, where his life would turn into misery, in the hands of the purported lovers. He was extensively tortured and robbed of everything by men who had promised romance but left him nursing serious…

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5 Common Traits All Women That Cheat Have In Common.

Women That Cheat

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Women That Cheat all have similar traits, here we will help you understand your woman very well. In the society, cheating is one of the fundamental issue that everyone is talking about because it ruins families and lives. We all know why people cheat but some men don’t know that you can actually know if a woman is a liar and she has been seeing another man behind your back. What is interesting though is that most of those women that cheat on their men actually have several…

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