How Dj Evolve NTV Expose’ Led To The End of Journalist Ken Mijungu’s Career at NTV


Renowned Journalist Ken Mijungu and the now-former Sidebar host at National Television (NTV) has just been fired from the television network.

Mijungu’s end at NTV comes after seven good years of service as a great journalist. His recent story about Dj Evolve involved in shooting with Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino led to Babu’s legal team demanding an apology from Nation Media Group.

Ken Mijungu. [Image/Courtesy]

This story linked Mijungu directly with the case since he was the head journalist in the documentation process. Babu’s legal team went ahead and stated that there is nowhere that Dj Evolve mentioned Babu Owino as the one who shot him.

“The only thing people know about him is that he was the victim of a near-fatal shooting right here in Nairobi. Felix Orinda popularly knowns as Dj Evolve WHO WAS SHOT BY Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.”

Dj Evolve. [Image/Courtesy]

”THAT we have carefully listened and watched the said story over and over and indeed at no point has the said Felix Orinda stated that he was shot by our client.

Intact. even before your news item, the said Felix Orinda has never ever stated in any forum whatsoever that he was shot by our client The Directorate of Public prosecutions has further confirmed that intact Mr. Orinda has never recorded a statement on the matter.” A statement by Babu Owino’s legal team stated.

DJ Evolve and Babu Owino. [Image/Courtesy]

This statement is what prompted the Nation Media to let Mijungu leave due to the attention it was attracting. Mijungu has been an active journalist on the ground since, even after journalists were being laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic he stayed on.

Ken took to his official Twitter account and stated that it was a great opportunity that NTV gave him for the last seven years though it is sad for it to end in a two-page letter.

”The axe fell @NTVnewsroom and I was on its way. 7 years in those corridors summed up in a two-page letter of termination. We live to fight another day. Thanks to God, He remains the greatest, thank you @ntvkenya for the opportunity, and thank you for always staying tuned.” Mijungu posted on his official Twitter account.

This has come as a shock and sad News to Kenyans since what he was doing was basically shedding light on a story that it was talked of all over but no one had done an exclusive interview.

This whole fiasco clearly shows that the case was politicised and led to the firing of Mijungu.

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