Edgar Obare Biography? A Closer Look Into The Life Of Kenya’s Nosiest Man.

Edgar Obare Biography
Edgar Obare Biography

Edgar Obare is slowing emerging as a Kenyan celebrity’s worst nightmare. He has established himself as the man who loves to gossip and gossips good in front of a camera. 

Edgar Obare alias The Tea Master is a Kenyan Content Creator that has touched base mostly on Youtube and Instagram. He uses his platform mostly to expose celebrities and influencers when they do something questionable either on or off social media.


Obare was a student at Moi High School Kabarak. He joined United States International University Africa (USIU) in 2011 for a Bachelor of Science in Information System and Technology (B.Sc IT) and graduated in 2014.

The controversial YouTuber was not all books. While at USIU, he contested for Mr. and Mrs. USIU beauty pageant. His thirst for education did not end there. In 2016 he joined Freie Universitat Bozen in Italy where he graduated in 2019 with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. 

Edgar Obare Biography
Edgar Obare contested for Mr. and Mrs. USIU beauty pageant.

Obare Girlfriend– Wacera

Wacera Mirage is Edgar Obare’s recent ex- girlfriend. In a YouTube video they did together, they get to let us in on how they met. Apparently, they met in the diaspora and at first sight, Wacera had a crush on him.

She first thought to herself that he is probably younger than her but shock on her when she found out otherwise. They kicked it off almost immediately and gave us a glimpse into their lives on YouTube.

Wacera claims that he is/was her soulmate. Since not everything is meant to last, they broke up almost 2 years ago. Wacera is a construction Architect based in Horsens, Denmark. She also has her own YouTube Channel.

Edgar Obare Biography:Edgar Obare Girlfriend- Wacera
Edgar Obare Girlfriend- Wacera

Edgar Obare age

Edgar recently announced on his Instagram that he was turning 29 years old. If you do the math, you realize that his birthday is somewhere in the last quarter of 1991.

Obare Scandals 

The vlogger has rubbed a number of celebrities the wrong way in his videos that are gaining a lot of popularity. Early this year, Obare claimed that Jalang’o wanted him dead. The comedian rubbished the claims saying he had no time for the YouTuber who was only keen to tarnish his name. He shared this on Instagram:

There are people out here trying so hard, day and night to bring me down but it will take them a hell lot of work because I’m not the kind who gives up in my grind” 

I will not even bother asking or following who you talk to bloggers and lie to them about me, malice Pure malice. For you Edgar you don’t have to run or delete anything. I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don’t post, you report

Edgar Obare Biography:Edgar Obare Scandals
Edgar Obare

Edgar and Terrence Creative Exposé

Single-handedly he managed to expose Terrence Creative as a serial cheater and flushed him out of his hideout to address the cheating allegations he had tried to downplay.

Along with Terrence, Edgar exposed Milly Chebby as the lady who brings down younger women by threatening to unleash Mungiki on them for seducing her husband instead of confronting the said husband for cheating on her.

No man or woman has made more videos about the life of a celebrity in Kenya than Edgar did on Terrence. He went 8 videos deep, going as far as looking for the pretty young thing Terrence had an affair with.

Edgar Obare and Terrence Creative Exposé Edgar Obare Biography
Edgar and Terrence Creative Exposé

Obare, Joho and Carolinedxb Exposé

In one of his recent exposes which involved the governor of country 001, Hon. Hassan Joho, Obare came across CAROLINEDXB who once had an affair with the Governor.

When asked, CAROLINEDXB with over 1million followers on IG replied to His DMs saying that they were close friends with Joho.

They became friends and she gave Obare $200 (Ksh20,000) to give to his followers. He split among 20 of his followers each winning Ksh1000.

Edgar Obare Biography: Edgar Obare, Joho and Carolinedxb Exposé
Edgar Obare, Joho and Carolinedxb Exposé

Edgar Obare Exposes Dj Mo

The story of DJ MO cheating on his wife has persisted for some time and blogger Edgar Obare had teased his fans about the story but DJ Mo’s arrogance prompted him to leak the whole saga including compromising photos.

The lady who is said to be living abroad revealed that they have been seeing each other since 2016 behind Size 8’s back.

She claimed that there is a time they exiled together for a week and he lied to his wife that he was in Meru for work-related issues which was not the case.

The lady didn’t reveal the reason for exposing DJ MO and Kenyans at one point cast doubt on her story because of that but she insisted on the authenticity of the story by sending very compromising photos to Edgar.

According to Edgar, the Murayas tried to save face by airing some of the allegations on their show but that did not stop him from releasing the whole expose.

The real name of the lady that is claiming to be the side chic has not been revealed but finally, we can see her face.

Edgar Obare Leaks The Photos Of The Lady DJ Mo Has Been Dating Behind Size 8's Back
Edgar Obare Leaks The Photos Of The Lady DJ Mo Has Been Dating Behind Size 8’s Back

Is Edgar Obare Gay?

When Edgar exposed some male celebrities, they ended up calling him Gay. Edgar at one time in an interview revealed that his Body Count was 17, all of them being women.

Some even called him bisexual these are allegations which he denied. He urged people to do their research and if they find any “tea” they should Serve it to Netizens.

Edgar Obare NET WORTH.

Edgar Obare makes some good money from the Tea he serves Netizens on his Social Media. He has landed deals with companies that he advertises for in his Instagram Stories. [Charges 5K per post]. His net worth is not yet known but the guy has some money.

Edgar Obare YouTube

If there is anything that has put Edgar Obare in the spotlight, then it has to be his YouTube channel. Standing at a whopping 95.2K subscribers and 220 videos, his channel showcases controversies that many journalists would shy from.

He does stories on cheating by celebrities such as the nasty break up between couple goals Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan ex-boyfriend Rnaze, the love triangle between Terrence Creative, his wife Milly Chebby, and a young girl known as Anita Sonia.

He also covers factual stores that affect the society such as unemployment among the Kenyan youth, aflatoxin in flour and even moral stories such as sex trafficking.

Edgar Obare Biography: Edgar Obare, and Kamene Goro
Edgar Obare, and Kamene Goro

His channel has gained a lot of mature viewers with people always wanting to know what he is revealing next. He is commonly known as ‘the tea master’ where he gets to serve his viewers ‘tea’ in the form of content. His YouTube channel gets over 1 million views every month.

Edgar Obare Twitter

Tweeps cannot seem to keep calm when it comes to Edgar. There are some who love him and some who even go to the extent of suing him for what he does.

However, he has stayed unshaken and has been forced to find himself a lawyer because he needs to protect himself while covering all these stories.

Edgar Obare Instagram

His Instagram account currently sits at 280k followers. Her Instagram is mostly a showcase of her personal travel destinations. He is well-traveled and he has been to countries such as Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

He has been to multiple cities in those countries. If you take a keen look, you will realize that his passion for documenting his travel was what spearheaded his current career.

Back then, he used to make short videos and he would post them on his Instagram. He reevaluated his content and he now does investigative content which, on Instagram, the tea is usually spilled on his Insta stories.

So, who is Edgar Obare?

As luck would have it, Edgar ventured into a niche that many had not discovered yet as soon as he landed in the country. Over 70,000 subscribers later, he is what every vlogger wishes to be. Many who are fighting for a piece of the pie are struggling to keep up. Mkamburi Chigogo, the loud mouthpiece from the Coast is one of them.

… Edgar Obare is just a man

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