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KEMSA Woes Continues To Follow “Big” Officials In The Health Ministry As Dr. Amoth Is Dragged Into The Saga.

"Big" Officials In The Health Ministry As Dr. Amoth Is Dragged Into The Saga.

The Health Ministry As Dr. Amoth Is Dragged Into The KEMSA Saga

A parliamentary committee heard that the Ministry of Health acting Director-General Patrick Amoth sent an instant message to suspended Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) CEO Jonah Manjari supposedly requesting that he give a responsibility letter to an organization to flexibly Covid-19 materials.

In the previous consultations of the National Assembly Public Investment Committee, Kaloleni MP Paul Katana created an instant message that he said Dr. Amoth shipped off Dr. Manjari pushing a delicate for Roxxy adventures.

Mr. Katana guaranteed that the owner of Roxxy Ventures, Mr. David Munene, had prior conversed with Dr. Amoth looking for help to get delicate.

The content that Dr Amoth shipped off Dr Manjari, as per Mr Katana, read: “Hello there Daktari, if it’s not too much trouble consider as prior examined.”

“Did you whenever send this message to the CEO?” asked Mr Katana. Dr Amoth invalidated the cases, saying he at no time impacted any delicate at Kemsa.

“I’m not mindful of the message and I didn’t message the CEO,” Dr. Amoth said. It isn’t evident whether Roxxy Ventures got the delicate as it isn’t on the rundown of pre-qualified organizations that provided PPEs. Dr. Amoth, nonetheless, conceded that numerous individuals went to his office to search for tenders to gracefully Covid-19 materials yet he guided them to Kemsa.

“I can affirm that numerous individuals went to the Ministry of Health and explicitly to my office needing to gracefully the things. Yet, I guided them to Kemsa in light of the fact that that is the acquirement substance for the Ministry of Health,” Dr. Amoth said.

He additionally denied having any relationship with the eight organizations referenced on Tuesday that Dr Manjari offered responsibility letters to in all out negligence of the law.

The eight organizations that won tenders aggregately worth Sh2.1 billion in complete dismissal of the law incorporate Regal Freighters, Northlink GSC Ltd, Meraky Healthcare, Everywhere Distributors, LA Miguela Holdings Ltd, Shop and Buy Ltd, Midlife Biological Ltd and Komtel Kenya Ltd.

Dr. Amoth additionally admitted to the MPs that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the whereabouts of Covid-19 supplies gave to Kenya by Chinese tycoon Jack Ma even as he said that Kemsa never counseled the service on the obtainment of the Personal Protective Equipment.

He said that upon legitimate receipt of Mr. Ma’s gifts at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), they were taken by specialized officials while he went to a question and answer session.

He told the Abdulswamad Nasir-drove panel that, on the day the gifts showed up at the JKIA, he went to get them along with the Ethiopian Ambassador and that the gifts were never opened at the air terminal as prior expressed by the service of wellbeing.

“I’m really the person who got the transfer along with the Ethiopian envoy. The transfer was later taken by our specialized officials. I went to a question and answer session after that and I don’t have a clue what happened from there on,”

Dr. Amoth stated, adding: “It was only a formal giving over at the air terminal. We were unable to open the transfer to affirm whether everything was unblemished. I can’t tell whether some portion of our gift stayed in Ethiopia since they too had their own gifts from Jack Ma.”

This comes as the Director General told the board of trustees that the Sh6.3 billion worth of PPEs that are spoiling at Kemsa were purchased without specialized counsel from the service.

“Our specialized guidance and the amount of Covid-19-related materials was never looked for by Kemsa. Had we been counseled, we would have given the right number of PPEs to be purchased dependent on the projections that we had made,” Dr. Amoth said.

He further disclosed to MPs that, in spite of his office keeping in touch with Kemsa to give it notice on the quantity of stock it has, the office never gave the stock update and kept on purchasing Covid-19 materials.

Mr Nassir told the DG that it was not reasonable for the nation to burn through billions of shillings in purchasing PPEs that are presently decaying at Kemsa stores.

“Wouldn’t you say it was not worth burning through billions in purchasing PPEs that we don’t need and we have wound up keeping them in stores?” asked Mr Nassir said.

“Taking a gander at the stock held by Kemsa and the numbers we have, presumably they didn’t require every one of those PPEs,” Dr. Amoth said. A parliamentary board heard that the Ministry of Health acting Director-General Patrick Amoth sent an instant message to suspended Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa) CEO Jonah Manjari supposedly requesting that he give a responsibility letter to an organization to gracefully Covid-19 materials.

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