Why DP William Ruto Flew Outside the Country Secretly on Thursday evening.

DP William Ruto

It is a rumor that has spread like bush fire. however the reports haven’t been confirmed by relevant authorities, social media has once erupted over the secret Secret sneaking of the Dp outside the country.

The allegations that are flying on social media causing mixed reactions from kenyans.No official communication has been made from the Dp’s camp, But the rumor has been said by a few people, and there may be some truth to it.

Eldoret based Journalist has come out to speak and give reasons why William Ruto was flown outside the country secretly, according to the Journalist, William Ruto is taking a break from the exhausting political temperatures in the country and also the reggae tone in the ground.

“Deputy President will after all not meet scribes who had travelled to Eldoret. This evening, Dr. Ruto travelled out of the country according to an aide who spoke with me in confidence. He’s taking a small break from local politics. Likes of Moses Kuria may not get tokens. @Gideon_Kitheka”

Through that private jetting of the DP has caused fears on his supporters and diehards why the second in command and what might be the cause of Dp’s secret sneak outside the country.

No information has come out to give an indication of why the DP did not inform the public. I appreciate your time in reading the article.

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