‘They Are Your Attack Dogs’, DP Ruto Deconstructed After Attack on Mama Ngina, Uhuru.

Attack on Mama Ngina

Kenyans have questioned if Deputy President William Ruto knew about the attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother, Mama Ngina.

Blogger Abraham Mutai joined Kenyans to claim that Ruto’s allies would not attack Uhuru with their leader, Ruto, knowing about it.

Mutai claimed that Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi whom he referred to as Ruto’s attack dog would not attack their opponents without making a few phone calls.

This is after Sudi together with Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno attacked Uhuru and Mama Ngina saying that Kenya does not belong to them while they were defending Ruto.

“Oscar Sudi is Ruto’s attack dog. Before Oscar comes out with witheringly scornful attacks on Uhuru his mother, Mama Ngina, Sudi must have made some phone calls. Having worked with these people that is the standard procedure. They all know what they are doing. We ain’t fooled yet!” said Mutai.

Attack on Mama Ngina

Kenyans who were reacting after Ruto urged his allies to stop their attacks following remarks by Sudi and Ng’eno, told the DP that he sent his ‘attack dogs’ to attack Uhuru.

“DP Ruto is coming out to condemn Sudi and Ng’eno after public outcry and condemnation for not respecting the presidency and after realizing that his attack dogs are doing more harm to him and his presidential ambition. It’s well calculated move to send the message by use of proxies,” said Eng Mokogoti.

“Yesterday, while at Athi River, Ruto said that people should stop politics and mskali ya matusi. His Tangatanga attack dogs forgot so easily,” said Dan Mwanzia.

“Then Ruto in his element after sending his dogs now pretends to warn leaders.. n yet we know he sends them to speak as they speak,” said Joe Asali.

“Insults to mothers is uncalled for, mama Ngina has never criticized the deputy president, I think DP Ruto should call his attack dogs to order,” said End Mokogoti.

“If DP Ruto is so displeased with the current affairs bedeviling him, he should bow out like someone once did. Not sending attack dogs,” Truth Seeker.

Attack on Mama Ngina

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