“I Am not Married to Senator Wamatangi”, Kalenjin Queen Dorothy Jepkurui Says.

Dorothy Jepkurui

Dorothy Jepkurui. She refute claims that she is married to Senator Wamatangi. Photo Courtesy

Kalenjin beauty queen Dorothy Jepkurui has denied rumors on social media and bloggers that she is married to vocal Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi.

According to Ms Dorothy Jepkurui she is dating a senior politician in Africa but she is not yet married to him.

“I don’t know where these bloggers get these stories from. Everything they are writing about me including the publication in some online platforms a few days ago is total lies. I am not in a relationship with Mr. Wamatangi, it is all rumors being spread by enemies,” the charming lady said.

She also noted that she is working as a road inspector at a county government but does fashion designing as part time job.

Dorothy Jepkurui
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The fashion story of the sassy, chocolate, tall lady was published in the Daily Nation last year. The story in the Saturday Magazine gave details on her love for fashion design.

Asked about dropping out of school in form two due to lack of school fees, she said it is true but she later finished form four and completed her college education in 2017.

Dorothy Jepkurui
Dorothy Jepkurui WITH DP Ruto

he story that was trending for the last three days claimed that the vocal Senator, who was once accused of rape by his former house-help, parted ways with his first wife over irreconcilable differences and married the pretty Kalenjin lady.

The story also asserts that both the senator and Dorothy Jepkurui have been spotted together in different public functions walking hand in hand, sometimes rocking matching outfits.

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Commenting on the claims, she said there is no denying that they are good friends. She said: “We are good friends with Senator Wamatangi but we are neither married nor dating. The senator is like a mentor to me and he is happily married with three children.”

“Whoever tries to spoil our names because of his or her own benefit should up their game! They should try to come up with something reasonable,” she said furiously.

Kalenjin Queen Dorothy Jepkurui Says.

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