Doom For Raila As Powerful Mt Kenya Leaders Reject His Presidency After Murathe’s Endorsement.

Raila -2022 Presidential Candidate

President Uhuru Kenyatta caught many unawares in March 2018 when he pulled off a surprise and sealed a political deal with Orange democratic movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga

The deal with Raila has brought a lot of calm throughout the country and given president Uhuru Kenyatta smooth time to implement his big four agenda and thus fulfill his legacy to the country without the usual opposition and checks from Raila Odinga whenever he was in the opposition

Many expect president Uhuru Kenyatta to throw his weight behind Raila Odinga when his term in office expires in 2022 and bypass deputy president William Ruto who appears to have fallen out with him and sidelined in government

That is why it was perhaps no surprise when Jubilee Party vice chairperson David Murathe emerged yesterday to give a pronouncement that has shaken the political class and the country at large to the core going by the massive reaction the statement has triggered from politicians and Kenyans online and offline


Murathe declared that Raila has fought so much for this country and on top of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s camp’s endorsement of Raila to take over in 2022, the Jubilee official implored upon kenyans to reward the former prime Minister for the sacrifice he has done for this nation

However, Murathe’s statement was not well received by all kenyans if a report by The Standard is anything to go by. According to the publication, a faction of powerful Mt Kenya leaders has emerged that is opposed to the idea of Raila Odinga being president in 2022

It is indicated that a section of leaders drawn mainly from the retired cabinet ministers who served under former president Mwai Kibaki’s government plus three current governors from the Mt Kenya region have been holding secret meetings over the recent past at the home of one of Mt Kenya senators

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The leaders are pushing for the region to support another different candidate apart from Raila with the report indicating that the group fears that once Raila ascends to the presidency, he might use the opportunity to Revenge against the region for what previous regiemes subjected him to.


This is even as Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu faulted Jubilee Party Vice Chairperson David Murathe over his endorsement for Raila Odinga’s presidency saying it is too early to endorse any candidate for the 2022 polls because the president has discouraged early campaigns besides terming Marathe’s remarks as a personal position and not that of the party or the region

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