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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Need BBI Referendum To Implement It.

We Don't Need BBI Referendum To Implement It.
  1. We don’t need a BBI Referendum to give graduates a break of four years from paying HELB loans, in fact in one afternoon the CS Education & Finance can agree, do it and have it gazetted.

2. We don’t need BBI Referendum to increase county allocation to 35% percent. Article 203(2) says the minimum threshold on the amount of equitable revenue to be allocated to counties is 15% of the latest audited revenues SO a president can on his own volition propose even 45%.

3. Giving tax breaks for youth-led businesses for 7 years doesn’t need a referendum; CS Finance just needs to propose a bill to parliament to that effect.

6. Dealing with corruption cases within two years doesn’t need BBI Referendum; the conclusion of cases depends on evidence provided and the administration of the case in court. It’s a process problem not constitutional. The CJ and DPP can have it sorted in an afternoon and if the law must be passed to that effect parliament can handle that in one session.

5. Paying supplies and services rendered to the government within 60 days of delivery doesn’t need a referendum, in fact as we speak there is a Prompt Payment Bill, 2020 sponsored by Sen. Farhia & Sen. Sakaja in the senate awaiting debate on the floor to sort out the issue.


Read BBI Referendum Report by the BBI Steering Committee 21.10.2020

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