Documents Required Change ID Details In Kenya

For one reason or another, you may need to change your name at some point in your life. The need may arise for a variety of reasons, such as discrepancies in ID Details, or a lady may wish to change her name after marriage in order to add her husband’s surname to her official name.

That begs the question, how does one legally change one’s name in Kenya? It is not as hard as it sounds, let me walk you through the process; it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

In practice, you will be required to provide the documents listed below.:

  • A deed poll; (A deed poll is a special form that allows a person to legally change their name. It is available online through the E-citizen portal or in person at the Registrar of person office).
  • A marriage certificate (if one is married).
  • A copy of the parent’s Identification cards
  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • A letter from the local chief.
  • A printout of your fingerprints.
  • A sworn affidavit from a witness who has known you for at least ten years.
  • Letters of confirmation from an Administration office. Following that, the deed poll is signed and registered with the registrar of documents.
  • Your photograph will be taken and used to create a new ID.

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You must surrender a certificate issued by the registration officer when applying to change your name.

Application for Change/ Addition of Name on Passport

  1. Submit an online application at;
  2. Ecitizen pre-filled passport application Form and two payment receipts;
  3. Original and a copy of Kenyan birth certificate;
  4. Original Kenya National ID card and a copy of Kenyan ID;
  5. Original passport and a copy (Bio Data Page) of passport ;
  6. In the case of marriage, the original and copy of the marriage certificate (Must be translated into English and certified);
  7. In the case of an applicant who is adopted, the original adoption certificate issued by the Government of Kenya, a clearance letter from the Children’s Department, and a Court ruling or Award is required;
  8. Change of Name through Deed Poll, one must have a copy of the deed poll and the Kenya Gazette Notice;
  9. Original Certificate of Registration if Kenyan by Registration and a copy of the front and back page;
  10. Two recent passport-size photographs on a white background (2 by 2 inches). The photo should be taken without spectacles and earrings, and both ears should be visible hence no hair on the forehead.

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