Do You Know Ruto’s chicken business makes it richer than Kenchic || Nominated MP David Sankok

Do You Know Ruto's chicken business makes it richer than Kenchic || Nominated MP David Sankok 1

By Elijah Kinyanjui

January 2, 2020

Nominated Jubilee MP David Sankok, a close Ruto ally, is on record saying that the DP ‘wife’s farm” produces 3m eggs daily.

Ruto even is quoted as having said the same during the recent meeting he held in Sugoi for Kikuyus.

Meaning he’s in the sale league or better than

Kenchic Limited is the leading producer of poultry in East and Central Africa.

Let’s look at a little profile of Kenchic, although it’s financials are unavailable online (as far as I checked at least).

Kenchic is the largest integrated poultry operation in East and Central Africa and deals in day-old chicks, processed chicken meat and further processed products such as smoked sausages, choma sausages & sausages.

It was acquired in 1974 by British American Tobacco from Kenya Poultry Development Company but started its operations in 1984.

Kenchic produces 1m day-old chicks per week. and the poultry firm’s clients include international franchises like Steers, Galitos, and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), who order whole chicken, thighs, drumsticks, and wings.

Kenchic, which produces about 600,000 layer and broiler chicks per week, also supplies chicken to in-flight caterer NAS Servair, leading hotels and fast-food restaurants including over 30 Kenchic inns across the country.

The company also exports its products to Uganda and Tanzania among other countries.

Kenchic’s Kenyan business is made up of a processing plant in Tigoni, a broiler farm and hatchery in Athi River and another hatchery in Mombasa.

It also has six breeder farms in Kajiado and Naivasha and distribution centers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Meru, and Nyeri.

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It is from the breeder farms that Kenchic sells chicken — such as the popular Kenbro breed — to farmers.

This raised several queries as regards Ruto’s egg business, which we’re made to understand, is his primary money and business base.

First of all…

We need to know how many hatcheries he has and their locations juu majority of Kenyans only know of the one in Sugoi.

Two, if Ruto hatchery is in such leagues, where’s its company profile? It’s named the shareholding structure?

But, overall, it shows Ruto’s doing better than Kenchic, ama it’s because he’s the egg importer from Uganda?

That 3m figure sounds grossly exaggerated BC at the end of the day.

But since Ruto’s online team hasn’t given us adequate evidence to support it, yet it’s apparently his main economic base, let’s just say it’s a lie as of now.

But we’ll still use it to determine how much Ruto earns overall so that we compare it with his political and other incomes and expenditures.

Sankok also said the DP exports avocados fetching him billions.

“He gets millions from his hotels. He gets millions from his insurance firm. He gets millions as the salary of DP. He gets millions from his shares of media. His wife sells 3 million eggs daily. His farming business and estates give him millions”.

Sasa let’s be told about his avocados business…how and when started, average incomes, etc.

Then tuende mos mos to the rest, we see how his incomes and expenditure are, ndio Tiffany’s heavy ya ku prove DP sio mwizi.

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Then we’ll follow suit about Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila.

Hii ni mwaka ya transparency for getting #WajingaSisi kuwa smart.

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