Murang’a Woman Rep, Sabina Chege, Cries As She Reveals The Dirty Tricks They Used To Collect BBI Signatures.

Collect BBI Signatures

Murang’a Woman Representative, Sabina Chege, has asked Mt Kenya residents to forgive politicians from the area after details emerged that members of the provincial administration used force and coercion to Collect BBI Signatures for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

In an interview with Coro FM on Wednesday, Sabina Chege, who was almost shedding tears, confessed that administrators played a huge role in collecting the BBI signatures but noted they had been instructed to let only willing Kenyans sign the forms.

She said they were not supposed to force anyone to sign the document since it was against the constitution of Kenya.

“The days were running very fast and we had to use the provincial administration to Collect BBI Signatures in a record time. But if there is any citizen who was coerced to append their signature, I take this opportunity to apologize. If it happened, I admit it was a mistake from us, and please forgive us,” Sabina stated.

In the Mt Kenya region, chiefs and assistant chiefs were forcing residents to sign the document since Interior Principal Karanja Kibicho had warned them of dire consequences if they failed to collect 5 million signatures from the vote-rich region.

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