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Directorate of Criminal Investigations – MALICE EXPOSED IN THE KENYA PIPELINE MATTER

Directorate of Criminal Investigations
Directorate of Criminal Investigations

1. The land was bought in 1995. ( It has been 25 Years!)

2. There were 33 pieces of land bought by 36 COMPANIES.

3. Now Directorate of Criminal Investigations charged Four companies and Three Individuals in Court.

4. Directorate of Criminal Investigations did NOT touch 32 Companies. Did not question the directors, investigate, arrest or charge them.

5. The 32 Companies Directorate of Criminal Investigations did NOT touch all belong to the Moi Family.

6. In-fact all the 272m in question was transferred to a bank owned by The Moi Family and the bank admitted as much.

7. The 4 COMPANIES charged were Priority Ltd. Berkel Ltd. Somog Ltd and Celtic Ltd. William Ruto, Joshua Kulei and Sammy Mwita were the others charged

8. 32 Companies remain untouched and even in the ongoing Directorate of Criminal Investigations, investigations and questioning no-one has summoned or bothered with the 32 Companies.

9. Allegations were made. Ruto was charged.

10. Raila suspended Ruto for 3 months

11. Kibaki declined to fire Ruto

12. Eventually, Ruto left office after a constitutional application on his rights that were denied by the court


7. The court heard the Criminal matter and dismissed the case for LACK OF EVIDENCE

8. The State agreed with ruling and did not bother to appeal.

9. The Legal principle of Double Jeopardy applies 100% – You cannot charge a man on the same offense twice. The charge was a conspiracy to Defraud and there are no new issues brought up. All issues were covered in the initial case

10. The court also found Mwita was not


“…It is, therefore, clear that none of the accused ever received any money from KPC. The prosecution has failed to prove its case thus all the accused persons have no case to answer…”

The case did not even get to the defense stage.


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Directorate of Criminal Investigations :-UPDATE


129 Documentary Exhibits were tabled

The Court returned a verdict – NOT GUILTY!

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