Directline Assurance Products and Branches in Kenya

Directline Assurance is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

The company which was established in 1998 is currently the leading PSV insurer. It is also the first underwriter to solely focus on motor vehicle insurance in Kenya.

Directline provides insurance covers for Public Service Vehicles (PSV), commercial motor, private vehicles, and taxis. They offer two main types of insurance policies; Third-Party Only (TPO) and Comprehensive Cover.

1. Third-Party Only (TPO)

It provides cover for third parties in case of bodily injury or damage to their property. Third-Party Only (TPO) applies to the following categories of vehicles.

  • PSV Matatu – PSV Matatu cover includes vehicles used in public transport with a seating capacity of 8-36.
  • PSV Bus -PSV Bus cover applies to vehicles used in public transport with a seating capacity of 37-105.
  • Taxi- Taxi cover applies to vehicles with a seating capacity of 2-7 that are engaged in a public transport business.
  • Commercial Motor- Commercial motor cover includes both own goods and general cartage vehicles used for the carriage of goods in connection to the insured’s business or for hire and reward.
  • Private Motor -This cover applies to vehicles used for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes or in connection to the insured’s business.

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2. Comprehensive Cover

It covers you for loss or damage from fire, theft, vandalism, accidental loss, natural disasters, damage caused by animals, or falling objects (like a tree or hail).  Directline comprehensive covers are annual policies only.

  1. PSV Matatu

PSV Matatu comprehensive cover offers compensation on liabilities arising from third-party and accidental damage or loss of motor vehicles including standard accessories and spare parts.

2. PSV Bus

PSV bus comprehensive cover offers compensation on liabilities arising from third-party and accidental damage or loss of motor including standard accessories and spare parts.

List of Directline Assurance Branches in Kenya

1. Directline Assurance Head Office 

Location: Hazina Towers, 17th Floor, Monrovia Street

Contacts: 020 3250000 / 0711 030000 / 0730 130000

2. Directline Tom Mboya Branch

Location: Diamond Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor Tom Mboya Street

Contact: 0724 256 528

3. Directline Afya Centre Branch 

Location: Afya Centre Building, 3rd Floor Tom Mboya Street

Contacts: 0792 001 929 / 0792 001930 / 0708 040 0241

4. Directline Eldoret Branch 

Location: Zion Mall, 2nd floor, Uganda Road

Contacts: 0712 509913 / 0712 509925 / 0787 777736

5. Directline Embu Branch 

Location: Sparko Building, 1st Floor, Mama Ngina street

Contacts : 0702 263243 / 0735 455079

6. Directline Kapsabet Branch

Location: Barngetuny Plaza, Ground floor, Stendi Kisa-Yala Road (next to Family Bank)

Contacts: 0771 155508

7. Directline Kerugoya Branch

Location: KDCU Building, Ground floor, Kerugoya-Kutus Road

Contacts: 0714 611449

8. Directline Kiambu Branch 

Location: CG plaza 1st Floor Kiambu Road

Contacts: 0723 445473 / 0723 445457

9. Directline Kisii Branch

Location: Royal Towers, 2nd floor, Hospital Road

Contacts: 0725 453062 / 0725 453098 / 0787 777744

10. Directline Kisumu Branch 

Location: Tuff Foam Mall, 1st Floor, Oginga Odinga Street

Contact: 0728 607661

11. Directline Kitengela Branch

Location: Kitengela Capital Centre, 1st Floor, Nairobi-Namanga Road

Contact: 0723 445082 / 0723 445419

12. Directline Machakos Branch

Location: Shandbad House, 2nd floor, off Syokimau Avenue (behind Naivas Supermarket)

Contacts: 0728 607679 / 0734 633333

13. Directline Meru Branch 

Location; Alexander House, Ground floor, Ghana street

Contacts: 0715 615435 / 0733 400733

14. Directline Mombasa Branch

Location: Diamond Trust Bank House, Annexe, Moi Avenue

Contacts: 0728 607679 / 0736 623333

15. Directline Nakuru Branch

Location: Biashara Centre, 4th Floor Mburu Gichua Road

Contacts: 0728 607705 / 0734 633333

16. Directline Nyeri Branch

Location: Rhine House, Ground floor, Off Gakere Road

Contacts: 0726 610746 / 0735 723333

17. Directline Ongata Rongai Branch

Location: Tymes Arcade, 1st Floor, Magadi Road

Contacts: 0790 409952 / 0790 409951

18. Directline Thika Branch

Location: Thika Arcade, 1st Floor, Kenyatta Highway

Contacts: 0728 607659 / 0736 233333

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