Next On Ringo: Diego Is Looking For Bomb To Destroy A Hospital Room Where Brenda Is Admitted. Julia Receives Video of Diego Killing His Father.

Diego Ringo Finale

Diego: Gloria’s boss has packed up his dolls and vamoosed. Her dream is interrogator exhibits steely resolve and zero sympathies. He tells her that call her family the police refuse, she is out of her country.
Oscar wants to go for Rosa’s things but she prefers to go by herself. If Doña Gertrudis finds out about them, she will tell her mother and tell her she wants to be the one to tell her mother that they are now living together. Oso wants to call her mother, but Rosa wants to do it her way. I love you Oso tells her as our hearts melt a bit.

Max tells Alejo the judge ruled in Guachin’s favor at the divorce hearing and that Luchis gets Nothing. A beaming Guachin announces he is free

Gloria, sans make-up and sporting orange prison garb meets with the public defender. They are were unable to find her boss. He explains the gravity of the situation, that she might spend up to 15 years in jail unless they can prove what she is saying is true . Gloria asks him to call Ringo let him know what is happening.

Diego talks to some random thug and asks for a bomb that is strong enough to destroy a hospital room. But, there is a catch – it has to appear like an accident. The thug explains that it would be better to use oxygen tanks as explosives…so that it will look more like an accident. Diego hands over the money as though he were giving away a kidney.

Oso and Rosa go to see Brenda. They try to encourage Eva by telling her how they thought Rosa would not come out of her coma…and she did.

Ringo and Julia arrive at the hospital. After Eva leaves, Julia receives the infamous video!!! She gasps as she listens…then collapses into Ringo’s arms upon hearing the fatal shot. She cries that the snake Diego killed him. If she had listened to Ringo, her father would not be dead. It breaks Ringo’s heart to see her like that.

Julia wonders how she could have been married to her father’s murder. Ringo then tells her that Diego needs to be stopped NOW and offers to take the video to Padilla, but Julia wants to go with him. She will not stop until she sees that coward rot in jail.

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Santi is home anxiously wondering what time his mother will be there. Paula tries to call but there is no answer.

In one of the few uplifting scenes, Eva gets an ultrasound as Max nervously watches. We share their contagious excitement. My baby Max whispers. When they hear the baby’s heartbeat, they ask what the gender is…it’s a girl!!

Julia and Ringo play the video for Padilla who tells them that with the video, Diego has no way out. While we fervently hope that is the case, we suspect Diego will elude the snake pit for a while longer.

Ringo wonders who could have sent Julia the video. Padilla assumes it was someone who Diego betrayed…one of his accomplices who wanted revenge. Julia thinks it had to be someone who knows her because they knew her cell phone number. When Padilla asks if the suspect anyone, Ringo mentions Bruno.

Padilla thinks that Diego and Bruno must have had a falling out. When Alejo asks if Diego could have known about the video, Padilla has no idea, but it is clear that the video was sent so that it could be used against Diego. Julia calls the brewery and asks for Diego. Sandra tells her that Diego left the office…and Bruno no longer works there.

She informs Julia that Bruno and Diego argued the day before but she couldn’t hear what they were saying. When Bruno left, he was very upset. After Julia ends the call, Padilla comments that if Diego doesn’t know about the video, it would be a good opportunity to set a trap for him. Julia suggests that she set up a meeting with Diego.

Padilla agrees that he can set up the team; he asks Julia to call Diego and set up a meeting in an hour. Julia calls Diego with the excuse that she needs money to pay for Brenda’s hospital bill…she will meet him at a restaurant near the hospital.

One hour later, Julia who is wired, waits at the restaurant. Padilla informs he that Diego has just arrived and advises her to remain calm. When Julia see Diego, she struggles to maintain a straight face, but she forces herself to thank him for coming. Diego tells her that she doesn’t look well; so, Julia responds that she can’t put up with much more…now she has Brenda to worry about.

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Padilla listens as Julia tells Diego that the cops have determined that Brenda was mugged. She then tells him that she is no longer going to fight for the presidency; she will support him so that he can run the company.

After Diego assures her that he will take care of the hospital bill, Julia can’t contain her anger, grits her teeth and states, “One more thing, tell me why you did it.” She shows him the video, and yells, “You killed my father, murderer!!” Padilla orders all his men to take action. When Diego sees them, he grabs Julia and tells them not to come close or he will call her.

Padilla runs in and tells Diego to lower his gun, he has nowhere to run! After Diego retorts that he will kill Julia, Padilla and his men drop their guns; so, Diego inches his way out the door dragging Julia with him. Little does he know that Ringo and Alejo are waiting. Ringo grabs the gun and tosses it as Alejo grabs Julia while Ringo throws Diego to the ground and starts pummeling him.

Padilla runs out and stops Ringo telling him not to get his hands dirty. Ringo releases Diego and goes to hug Julia as Diego is handcuffed.

At the police station, Ringo and Julia declare their statements regarding the fraud, Ivan’s murder and Brenda’s attempted murder.

At Turco’s house, Paula calls her boss to ask what she should do since Gloria hasn’t shown up. Her boss tells her that she will have to stay there.


At the police station, Ringo and Julia tell Alejo that they have already given their statements regarding all of Diego’s criminal activities. After Alejo comments that Diego will never be leaving prison, Julia wants to go to the hospital so she can tell Brenda that Diego has been captured.

At Turco’s house, Paula gets a call from her mother who frantically tells her that her child was jumping on the bed and fell; she broke her arm. Her mother urges her to come to the hospital since she has no money to pay with. Paula sees Santi asleep so she leaves him thinking that she will be right back.

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At the hospital, Ringo tells Oso and Rosa that Diego has been caught. Julia knows Brenda can’t hear her, but she still tells her about Diego getting caught and the video..

At Turco’s house, Santi wakes up and calls out for his mother. Meanwhile, Ringo arrives home. He receives Santi’s call in which Santi tells him that he is all alone and is scared. After Santi tells him that Gloria left on a trip, Ringo quickly beams over, hugs Santi and reassures him that all will be fine.

The Next Morning—

Teresa comes out of her room and is surprised to see Santi; so, Ringo tells her about Gloria being on a trip and the nanny leaving Santi alone. Teresa thinks Gloria is sick in the head; as she continues to rant, Ringo stops her since Santi is listening. Ringo then takes Santi to school.

At the hospital, Julia tells the nurse that there has been no change in Brenda. The nurse will check Brenda while Julia goes for breakfast.

Ringo returns home and gives Teresa more details. Teresa is still upset and tells Ringo that she will not allow Gloria to take Santi…she will take care of it since Ringo is too soft-hearted… he always believes Gloria’s explanations.

Next On Ringo: Diego Is Looking For Bomb To Destroy A Hospital Room Where Brenda Is Admitted. Julia Receives Video of Diego Killing His Father. 1

After Ringo tells Teresa about Diego being captured, Ringo gets a call from Gloria’s attorney who advises him that Gloria has been detained for drug trafficking. Ringo is in disbelief; he thinks there must be a mistake.

When he wonders what he should tell Santi when he gets home, Teresa thinks he should tell him the truth so he can know exactly what kind of person his mother is, but Ringo doesn’t like that idea. Ringo then calls Alejo to come to meet him at the club. Beam him up, Scottie!

Alejo is beamed over to the club as is Ringo. Ringo explains about the attorney calling him. Alejo knows that drug trafficking is not taking lightly in the USA; so, he suggests that they call the attorney.

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