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Kahawa Wendani Ward Mca Aspirant Derrick Mbugua Exposed For Using Fake Accounts To Peddle His Baseless Propagandas On Facebook.

Derrick Mbugua

It’s has come to Kahawa Wendani Ward resident’s attention that one of their aspirants Derrick Mbugua has been peddling Childish propagandas using his 7 Facebook accounts.

Derrick Mbugua mostly uses ‘Shalon Rose’ account to post his propagandas on an hourly basis in Kahawa Wendani politics group, then comments and likes his post using other fake accounts.

The area residents have took him has a joker and a desperate individual. While other serious aspirant like Kibet , ngash , Baba Sharon , keva e.t.c are busy helping and educating the residents on Corona virus Derrick is busy on FB with his fake accounts trying to create attention.

Below are some of the pseudo accounts Derrick Mbugua normally use on daily basis;

  1. Upuzi hatupendi
  2. Shalon Rose
  3. Mtetezi Kiongozi Mjini
  4. Jane wa Wendani.

Kahawa Wendani Ward residents on social media have cursed his uncouth act by telling him he will fail unopposed.

The set by-election has not been declared by the IEBC- (Independent electoral and boundaries commission) due to the covid-19.

The seat is vacant after the passing away of Cyrus omondi alias gear box who died in India for un known reasons.

Kahawa Wendani Ward Mca Aspirant Derrick Mbugua Facebook Accounts
Derrick mbugua photo/source/facebook

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