What Is High School Deputy Principal Salary In Kenya?

Deputy Principal Salary In Kenya

Deputy Principal Salary In Kenya: Deputy principals are dreaded in most secondary schools. They are overzealous in performing their duties and are known to be generous with the cane when dealing with delinquents.

Though corporal punishment has been abolished, a deputy headteacher will find ways of ensuring wayward students follow the school set rules and regulations. But their duties are not only limited to punishing students.

As a matter of fact, a deputy head teacher’s main role is in the administration of the school.

The roles and functions of the deputy principal areas listed below:

A. The chain of command role.

He acts as the bridge between staff members and the school board. He plays the bureaucratic role in the following ways:
i. Organizes all school tasks to be accomplished.
ii. Upkeep of the cleanliness of the buildings and all classrooms in the school.
iii. The provision and maintenance of equipment such as desks and writing materials.
iv. The distribution of duties among the teachers such as who are the subject teachers and heads of departments.
v. The appointment of counselors to advise students with their problems.
vi. Transmitting relevant information and policies to different persons.
vii. Transmission of orders from the school board to the teachers and the community.
viii. Delegates decision making and responsibility to members of both the teaching and non-teaching staff.

Deputy Principal Salary In Kenya

B. The professional role.

i. The headteacher of the secondary school is a consultant for his staff members.
ii. He or she gives legal and professional advice to the teaching and non-teaching staff.
iii. He or she provides a democratic atmosphere where his staff, students, and community feel at ease to compose and discuss their problems.
iv. His or her responsibility is to pay attention to problems affecting teachers who must be given attention as students. School operates within certain policy lines so there must be consultation.
v. He or she is to be a facilitator who listens to staff members during staff conferences and encourages them to do most of the talking in resolving issues and in discussing how to implement decisions.
vi. The headteacher will have to go along with his or her teachers when a communal decision is made.
vii. The headteacher orients new teachers

What’s the high school deputy Principal Salary In Kenya?

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) entered between Knut and Kuppet late last year, a deputy Headteachers who was in job group M and N now fall under job group D1.

Their deputy principal Salary In Kenya range between kes55,231 and 77,840. Once the CBA has been fully implemented, the deputy headteachers will earn a maximum of kes77,840 and kes85,269

Deputy principals III who fall under job group N now D2 will take home kes59,286 and kes77,840 which will go up to kes91,041 once the CBA has been implemented fully.

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Deputy Principal Salary In Kenya

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