↘1. RUTO should carry his own cross and STOP diversionary tactics because “his 23 minutes” is an admission that Annex hosted the arms dealers and the Annex based con-men cum Tangatanga fundraising committee and therefore pointing to other meetings at DOD is a diversion.

↘2. RUTO should stop the rumors and finger-pointing towards the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and instead tell Kenyans what he knows about the Annex wash-wash con – games believed to a Tangatanga fundraising strategy.

↘3. RUTO should prove that the complainants have ever interacted with any representative from the Department of Defense (DOD) and/or visited the Department of Defense.

↘4. RUTO should Know that the Department of Defense (DOD) has elaborate and well laid down procurement procedures.

↘5. RUTO should Know that the Kenyan Military is a disciplined force and cannot flout procurement rules and use politicians to negotiate or procure for them equipment which they don’t even know how to use.

↘6. RUTO should appreciate the fact that the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is considered one of the strongest militaries and most disciplined in the world. According to the African Report magazine, Kenya’s is a highly rated African army. The result, as evidenced by the remarkable discipline of Kenyan soldiers whose offensive against Al-Shabaab by virtue of their collaboration with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), is one of success. Unlike many other soldiers offering peace missions, Kenyan soldiers have not been mentioned in any scandal.

↘7. RUTO should accept the fact that the Ministry of Defence is committed to defending and protecting the people of the Republic of Kenya and their property against external aggression and also in providing support to the civil authority as per the law and must be respected by all Kenyans irrespective of one’s position in the society and therefore wrong to link them to the Annex wash wash con-game scandal targeted at innocent Polish Military contractors.

↘8. RUTO should Keep the KDF off politics because their mandate is to defend and protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kenya; assist and cooperate with other authorities in situations of emergency or disaster and restore peace in any part of Kenya affected by unrest or instability as assigned and got nothing to do with politics.

↘9. RUTO should lead by example in appreciating the great respect that the KDF has earned across the region due to the exemplary performances in various missions other than trying to tarnish the great name of the defense forces.

↘10. RUTO should applaud the officers for their exemplary performance and encourage them to always uphold the integrity and the loyalty they have shown and continue adhering to KDF values which have made KDF a symbol of nationhood instead of trying to paint a bad picture of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF).


The process for procurement of major equipment follows the following sequences:

↘The process of need identification is done through a Strategic Defence Review. This process identifies gaps in our defense posture. It is followed by a process of formulation of the operational and technical specifications of the desired equipment.

↘Then this is followed by a market survey whose aim is to identify sources and establish contact with willing possible suppliers. This data is then presented to the EIAC for approval and budget allocation. On approval, submission is made to DTC and Treasury as usual to authorize Restricted Tendering.

↘Tender documents are then prepared, but this time they are much more detailed than in other cases because special evaluation instructions such as in-country Field and User trials are included. The trials require the equipment to be imported into Kenya and subjected to set tests by our troops in the presence of the manufacturers or their representatives. At the end of the trials, a thorough cost-benefit analysis is carried out to determine the winner of the tender.
Cost-benefit analysis is the process of weighing the total expected costs versus the total expected benefits of the different equipment in order to choose the best or most profitable option. In this manner, the best equipment is identified.

↘The contracting process is also critical in these cases because it ensures that issues of after-sales Integrated Logistic Support (ILS ) is well covered to guarantee the sustainability of the equipment in service. The aim of ILS is to achieve optimum equipment availability at minimum Life Cycle Cost by influencing design and procurement to meet the need of supportability. It is a whole life discipline for ensuring that In-Service Support requirements of new equipment are considered from the earliest stages of the procurement cycle, and are monitored and refined throughout the remainder of the life of the equipment.

↘The cost of defense equipment all over the world is very high. The DHQ procurement strategy is therefore to get the best value for money. This calls for a sound economic approach to procurement. This includes procuring equipment in the most efficient and timely manner. It further seeks to establish a long-term defense industrial base by insisting on the transfer of technology with every purchase of major equipment.

↘In addition, DHQ places great emphasis on the Whole Life Costs approach, which exposes the true cost of ownership of the equipment and value-for-money rather than considering only initial purchase costs. The current procurement method allows closer collaboration with the industry while the requirement is still being defined. In this way, cost-effective solutions can be offered that are acceptable to the Armed Forces.

Conclusion: Ruto MUST stop the rumors and finger-pointing towards The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and instead tell Kenyans what he knows about the Annex military hardware con-scandal he has been defending religiously.

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